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  1. Rainman4707


    Reading the red queen. Matt ridley is writing about how cunning is one of the greatest tools men can use to attract women. I've seen this in a lot of men. My brother was out with several men. One of them is good looking. He does dress well, into fashion. They were in a club. He suggested four...
  2. Rainman4707

    Meghan markle want to restore women

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-57047169 Seen this and thought members might be interested.
  3. Rainman4707

    Jessica rabbit

    I asked out the manager of the office where i do security work on a friday. Been covering there last few weeks also. I knew i was taking a MASSIVE risk asking her out. One word from her and i'll not be allowed back on site. Anyway i waited until nobody was around. Jessica - morning Rainman -...
  4. Rainman4707

    Joe Rogan on No Fap

    Interesting ten minute video. I refuse to fap. I makes me feel unmanly. I can relate to what Joe is saying because that is how i feel. I would lower my standards to get a release. I'd rather do that then fap though. Feel like a total loser after fapping.
  5. Rainman4707

    Cold approached woman with red flags

    Met new Woman. Cold approached her. Seen her walking about in village a few times . Said hi to her. She was sat in garden She is...a 7. It's really good to have her around, she just lives down the street. A lot easier than having to drive half an hour to see a woman. She seems happy to just see...
  6. Rainman4707

    Cold Approaching

    Had several oppurtunities to cold approach women in last couple weeks. My mind always found an excuse as to why NOT to approach the women. The oppurtunity arises so quick sometimes there is'nt much time at all to think. I drove past a women last night. My mind thought "hmm i could stop my car...
  7. Rainman4707

    Sweet Caroline

    Only worked in the office environment since March. I go to different offices in the area. it was my birthday yesterday. I was in an office i had never been to before. I seen a woman walking across the floor, straight away my brain knew straight away, big tits, juicy figure You know straight away...
  8. Rainman4707


    Trying to get a system in place. I know every girl and situation is different. But i personally think a system is good for online & in real life . It gives you a ton of material to fall back on. Few things i have learned over the years (mainly online dating). An interesting opener comes in...
  9. Rainman4707

    Scammers/ sad state of play

    Had a hb9 friend request me on facebook about a week ago and she instant messaged me. I accepted her instant messenger request. I checked out her fb profile. She had several photos and posts. From texas, lives in istanbul. I had a gut feeling that she was a robot, although she was messaging...
  10. Rainman4707

    Unbeleivable! !

    Reading the story of Earl P Haney. He was so worried ulcers began eating the lining of his stomach. One night he had a terrible hemorrage. He was rushed to hospital. He had lost 80 pounds. He was so ill, he was told not to even lift his hand. Three doctors including a celerbrated ulcer...
  11. Rainman4707

    Blew a massive load!! hehe

    Woman texted me today...told me she was free. I picked her up. She is rough, has a great body though & is a good laugh. Took her back to mine and fu*ked her. I'm so happy to get a release (have'nt had one since may). Now i can relax with women more, because, i'm not so desperate for a release...
  12. Rainman4707

    You do all the work

    Im still intrested in women. But i dgaf about them anymore. Sick & tired of their games. I see women playing hard to get. I suppose this is the way its supposed to be. Nature has it that we have to court women. Do a dance for them. Impress them. Fuc^ that sh_t. I wont jump through hoops...
  13. Rainman4707

    Holiday to london.

    Plan was to get a hotel in north london. Spend a day exploring north london. Then maybe get a bus into central london to explore. Next two days spend in east and west london. I was told that was impossible..that it would take me hours, upon hours to drive from north london to east london due...
  14. Rainman4707

    I don't care.

    Had a date last night. Went for a walk through the woods. She was very chatty. I'm laid back, Basically she has told me this morning that she feels our personalities are different so she dose'nt want to meet again. I remember the feeling of being down when you get that text "youre a really nice...
  15. Rainman4707

    Playful teasing

    Always good to playfully tease a woman when you first meet her. I.e Few girls I've met i asked them where they lived..then accused them of being a gypsy....asking them where there caravan was. Totally puts them on the back foot (which they ain't used to) Tease them at first then get to know...
  16. Rainman4707

    What are these!?

    Have a couple of these. One on my middle finger and one on my shin. They are like spots, but when you try to pop them only blood comes out..then they grow back!! My concern is that I will get one on my face I'm trying to upload a picture, but in the meantime....anyone got any idea what they...
  17. Rainman4707

    New work rules

    When I was younger, There was no bottled water we drank water from the tap (bathroom tap at night) when we played footy we shared the same bottle of pop... After we'd wiped it with our mucky sleeves. I know that it's not hygienic, but we never caught an illness You could have a laugh and say a...
  18. Rainman4707

    People are starting to be unplugged from the matrix

    Just heard a women saying " what about clothes shops? I won't be able to go in and try anything on!" Interesting..because Edward bernays created consumption to control the common masses. He knew you had to give the common masses the latest gadgets, new designer clothes and new cars. He knew...
  19. Rainman4707

    Total ABUSE of power

    If you don't go to war you're a coward. You have to join up and blow another innocent man to pieces. I do not think I'm a coward. I have done lots of brave things in my time. Why should I be forced to kill another human being!? For a war over money
  20. Rainman4707

    Soceity going back to normal.

    Seems like society is going to go back to normal. Italy are easing lockdown measures. You can visit close relatives, go to the park, play sports, lots more shops are opening, lots more people going back to work. The UK are under increasing pressure to follow suit. I have stuck by the UK...