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    Karma of hypergamy

    Great scene from Blue Valentine Women that marry men for status and resources often end up miserable. I have seen this many times in my life. My mother married my father because of his professional status. This blinded her. She ended up stuck with a man that is abusive NPD ( narcissistic...
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    Female promiscuity is good and bad

    So i am reading this book from one of the authors of sex at dawn. The book is called Civilized to Death. The author proposes that IN TRIBE promiscuity is a good thing. Some tribes believe in microchimerism. They believed that if the female had sex with many men of the tribe, then they baby will...
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    Feminist see men as God

    I noticed in Youtube comments women always argue for feminism by using examples of trauma. They argue for feminism because some man in their life ( usually father or bf) wronged them in some way. Rarely do they argue political reasons for feminism. Its always personal traumatic reasons. Here are...
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    Do not love girls that have self esteem issues

    At the core of NPD and BPD ( borderline personality disorder) is shame. This shame blocks the individual from loving themselves. These people hate themselves. So they will resent anyone that attempts to love them. They dont feel worthy of love and will look down on you for attempting to give it...
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    Pay for play is the future?

    So CGA thinks that pay for play/ prostitution is the wave of the future. The whole game and charisma era is over. I tend to agree with him. Women have largely monetized their sexuality. Running game is obsolete for the most part.
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    Balance between religious extremism and controlling women?

    The Puritans attempted what the Taliban is doing. They enforced strict laws against female sexuality. They knew that uncontrolled hypergamy will ruin the world. I am not in favor of being brutal to women if they act like a whure but is there a balance? If you let it go unchecked you get modern...
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    Single motherhood is the norm in Russia

    So the rates of divorce in Russia are even higher than the USA. It is upwards of 70%. The rates of single motherhood is 1/3 of Russian families. It has been this way for atleast 4 generations. Russia is a paradox. They are not a feminist society yet they are plagued by the single motherhood...
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    Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis

    I got a severe case of it today at the gym. My face swollen up like Will Smith in the movie Hitch. I didn't even know this was a thing. Anyone else suffer from this? I may post pictures later. Its freaking.
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    Victimhood is the feminine energy

    I hope this doesn't get banned as political. This might straddle the line but here goes. I noticed that women derive incredible power from victim hood. They do not derive shame in claiming to be victims of some offense either real or perceived. Real men derive shame from claiming that they are...
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    Lets be honest about hypergamy

    I listen to a video from Happy Hermit and it got me thinking. A males insatiable sex drive is akin to a females hypergamy. No matter how good the female you have at home you still want to smash the next hot 24 yr old. You can never smash enough hot young perky feminine women. Every man is a...
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    PUAs be lying about their lays

    So I am watching this Incel live stream from FACE LMS. He is debating a PUA who claims his ugly PUA partner is smashing 50 girls a YEAR. The PUA claims he smashed 300 to 400 girls in his lifetime of 31 yrs. I think many of these guys greatly exaggerate how many girls they smash. I have known...
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    Tales from marriage and child support

    Story 1: I have a close friend. I was the best man at his wedding. I saw him the other day for the first time in about 1 yr. He told me that if there is any emotional fluctuation in his wives mood she withdraws sex. For example if her mother in her home country is sick, she will withhold sex...
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    She HAS to be a virgin

    This is not going to be groundbreaking information but I think its important to remind ourselves of this. Once a female has had 1 or 2 bfs her pair bonding ability is done. I am just now realizing this. I used to think it was 5 or 10 sexual partners. But it is as little as 1 or 2 boyfriends (...
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    Made a dating profile of my female cousin

    Me and my female cousin got into a debate. I told her that there is no reason to be single when she gets a ton of matches online. She stated that she and her friends did not get many matches via online dating. I decided to create a profile with her face in order to end this debate. I put...
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    Married woman encounter, possible missed ioi?

    So i am walking down my street carrying laundry. I drop a couple items. This woman offers to help me with the laundry and we spark a covno. She wouldnt let the convo die. I was trying to be polite. Somehow I ended up on the first floor of her house because she was doing work on it and wanted to...
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    Is job shortages a myth?

    So I have friends that tell me that job shortages are a myth. They say that it is a fear tactic used by the mainstream media. Apparently you can always find a job if you want one. They point to states like Kansas in which they are paying people to work in the state. I have mixed feelings about...
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    Female self deception is a survival mechanism??

    My buddy told me something interesting today. He said female delusion is a survival mechanism. He agreed that the greatest weakness of females is their ability to be delusional ( self deception). This is also their greatest strength. My friend said without the ability to self deceive, the...
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    So overtime is sexist now......

    This is getting ridiculous. This is truly a clown world. CBS is reporting this nonsense? So it's the employers fault that women are not physically able to work long hours. They must be paid more regardless of how much overtime they do. On a side note....I have noticed that it is possible to...
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    Heard if from the horses mouth

    So I was at my cousins house today. He is married to a nice girl. I told her about a Russian chick I am talking to who resides over seas. She told me not to ever bring her to the USA. She told me that when a woman gets exposed to men in big cities they want to explore. She came from a small town...
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    Sisters Wedding planning

    My sister is getting married soon. She is in the final stages of the wedding planning. She and her friends are ecstatic. They take enormous joy planning the smallest details such as the color of the table settings. I will never understand how they can get so much joy from this seemingly...