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    Daughters Mum - Advice Needed

    who gives a fook about the reason. He doesn't need to think about the reason of the breakup. He needs to think about his new life and new fresh poosy
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    Daughters Mum - Advice Needed

    She is long gone for you. The only reason she keeps you around is that she doesn't have a solid alternative to you yet. But bottom line is she lost her attraction to you long time ago. You have to cut contact for anything but child related. I suggest use email, no calls and text messages at all.
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    Starting from scratch.

    You have been given a gift of freedom. Come on man, two kinds from another dude, over the hill broad. You should be celebrating.
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    Starting from scratch.

    Sounds like you got out pretty easy. Could have been really messy with the kinds and all. Count yourself lucky. Now you can find a women to have your children with.
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    separation after 9 years of marriage

    Women who are into their husbands don't want to prove they can make it on their own. They are happy where they are.
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    What to do when your girlfriend starts losing interest in you?

    There's no other way, but end this relationship. Do it quick and don't show emption. This woman will not come around for you.
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    What to do when your girlfriend starts losing interest in you?

    This. Start looking for a new girlfriend.
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    Advice needed M34-F32

    I don't get why men spend so much effort and time on imaginary friends
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    Is this relationship worth it?

    question for the OP. Who's idea was to move in? I have a feeling it was not hers.
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    Is this relationship worth it?

    If a woman lives in your house, you might as well be married to her
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    Is this relationship worth it?

    you are not her priority. demote her to a plate status, do not move her in.
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    How would you respond?

    Men say sorry too often for stupid reasons like busy workdays. Save your sorry for when it is really warranted. And again. You are too courteous , too accommodating to a female who you know is doing another guy.
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    Another OnlyFans Sucker/Simp/Victim of the year...

    it looks like he f$cked her. She ran OF on the side. Anyway, good luck recovering any of that money.
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    Update a year later

    I also have 10 year old son and at this point he can be reasoned with. How come they became such good friends? It is obvious that your ex is using children to hurt you. She is a vengeful c**t. It is absolutely clear that you need to cut every connection with her. She tried to limit your access...
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    Update a year later

    Wow. You needed to cut her from you life a year ago. How old is your son? Talk to him. Depending on his age he will understand. I would go further and change your son's number. Blocked numbers can be unblocked.
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    girl went into my phone- got upset, now gone quiet

    My ex plate used my finger to unlock my phone while I was asleep.
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    Period and chill

    7 day period? 90% she is bull****ting you
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    Should I drop my main plate?(UPDATE: Dropped)

    OP you sound like a woman justifying her inattention to you (she's busy at work, kid ,etc). On the other note, why would you even be interested in a woman that is busy with work. You're the one who should be busy with your life and gifting your attention to her, not other way around.
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    Should I drop my main plate?(UPDATE: Dropped)

    OP, you were her plate and not the other way around and she is letting you drop. Like others have said many times, let her go. Only give her your attention again if she shows up at your door in nice lingerie and a six pack of you favorite beer.
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    Should I reach out to her?

    your turn is over. Next