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  1. Aesthetix29

    Made my move

    Decided to make my move on a girl I’m friends with .. took a chance. We kissed she reciprocated but was shocked ... we’ve been out a few times since but nothing got mentioned about it .. so I called her out on it yesterday ... because at the moment she’s getting my time for nothing ... so I...
  2. Aesthetix29

    Decided to take a few month off for self improvement

    3/4 years ago I was in the best shape of my life ... and I became complacent and lazy ... so I’ve decided I need to get back where I was.... - joining the gym again in July - going to start tanning - get some fresh summer clothes and treds. - stop smoking cigs and weed ( currently on day...
  3. Aesthetix29

    Inner Beta

    The inner beta always trying to break out ... for example ... Girl texts asking if I wanted to do something later .. but it’s something I really don’t feel like doing so I say I’ll pass ... she replies ‘ ok no worries ‘ And this is when I feel the inner beta tries to break out ... I start...
  4. Aesthetix29

    kind of been hung up on this girl

    last week I created a thread explaining my current situation with my long term friend who I recently got he hots for ... Now there was some solid advice. But since I posted that thread ... I can now see how I have been her orbiter ... she loves it aswel, it’s like what ever your mind is saying...
  5. Aesthetix29

    Weed a Game Killer ....

    So is weed a game killer ?
  6. Aesthetix29

    Got the hots for my friend

    Hey, It’s been a while since I was last here but I currently have a situation where I’m not sure if I’m reading the signals correctly. I have a female friend of about 18 months, we met on a dating app ... dated a few times got a little bit physical and then things just dropped off, most...
  7. Aesthetix29

    Not too sure what’s going on here ...

    Hi, it’s been a while ...... Met this girl just after Xmas ... we started texting .. met for drinks multiple times now ... it’s been around 5 weeks ... me personally isn’t looking for something too serious ... she wants a relationship. Thing is it’s been almost 5 weeks now and we’re not...
  8. Aesthetix29

    Do I have a chance

    okay I'll cut a long story short there's a girl (been friends a while) always kind of had sexual chemistry when out etc... anyways I took her on a date in November which went well.. and none of us really pursued it afterwards .. last week I commented on a fb post of hers and she messaged me...
  9. Aesthetix29

    Social anxiety

    Hey SS'ers, So I've had a bad few years after my longest relationship .. and somehow fell into the cannabis trap, and I've used this almost everyday for the last few years ... I used this drug as a crutch. But as of late I'm sure I've abused this recreational drug and it's messed me up. I seem...
  10. Aesthetix29

    Hey! Back after a year away

    hey Guys/Girls, Been away for a year or so ... so looking forward to catching up on people's threads ;) Dan
  11. Aesthetix29

    Business Idea

    Hi, I'm looking to start my own business and have deceided to go with - Tower Scaffold Hire, the reason being that there's a huge demand for scaffold hire for one off jobs where it's only needed for a few days or weeks only. But to start I may just buy 8 x 7M height aluminium tower scaffolds...
  12. Aesthetix29

    Mary Jane

    Okay does anyone think Mary Jane holds you back from gaming women? Like I've been a heavy user since around 15 year old ... 32 now and am currently on day 5 cold turkey. This sh!t is hard, the withdrawals are real man insomnia, sweats, loss of appetite, sick, irriatable and loads others, but...
  13. Aesthetix29


    Im now 32 years of age and the best asset for any guy to have is a great personality... unfortunately for me I have pretty decent visual looks ... body,face and nice tan etc ... but my personality is sh!t when I'm around women ... how can I improve on this .. or am I too old and set in my ways...
  14. Aesthetix29

    Any way to salvage or have I killed it

    Hey! Been a good while since I was last here .. but good to be back. To cut a long story short I was on holiday last week and met a bird and hit it off ... kissed and cuddled in the sun but no sex, exchange numbers etc .. okay fast forward a few days once we're both back home and I message her...
  15. Aesthetix29

    Same **** different day

    Okay so I seem to be going through a rough patch at the minute .... I had a pretty bad year last year and hit rock bottom .. No job/money/no women etc.. Since then I'm back in work and have decent amount of savings ... The only thing that's no going well is my love life. Id say I was a fairly...
  16. Aesthetix29


    After lots of attempts and always reverting to my old ways ... I've finally done a healthy stretch and am starting to get my personality back, and it feels good. Also lots of emotions are coming back and that I'm ready to deal with head on, the drugs that I'm talking about is cannabis (heavy...
  17. Aesthetix29


    Any members here that are plasterers by trade ?
  18. Aesthetix29

    Who's this text

    okay I was dating/seeing a girl about a month ago, but she wanted me round hers all the time and abit clingy, so I pulled away a bit. But then my mobile phone number for cut off, so havnt been in contact for a month ... Anyway I've finally had my old number transferred onto a new sim .. And a...
  19. Aesthetix29

    Help .. Feeling depressed

    Hi, okay so I'm 31 and the last 3 years have been rough for me. I split from long time gf so ended up back at my parents house (still am) and 12 months ago got made redundant from my 13 year job ... So gave it a go of going self employed. Well that really hasn't worked out, so I'm now looking...
  20. Aesthetix29


    posted a thread not long ago about some girl I was texting who lived an hour away .. Anyway to cut a long story short .. I was advised to next to which I have and haven't texted her for almost a week now, all good right ... And now she keeps sending me snapchats .. I'm not looking at them .. Is...