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    The riddle

    Hello A couple of weeks ago I started to talk to one girl at work. She is currently in a relationship. However, while I was talking with her current boyfriend stated that this relationship is pointless. She said something similar. So, I started casually talking with her at work. From my...
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    There is one girl who I know for many years. We went to the same primary school, recently due to her FB relations I realized she lives close to me. We have never been close, however, we have just a brief conversation. I am not too sure how should I start it “for real”. Should I connect it...
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    3 months after

    After my girlfriend broke up with me, which I described here (https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/problematic-breakup.267064/) I went quiet and focused on myself. So here I am, nearly 3 months later, feeling much better. One thing which I cannot overcome is the fact that she took all my stuff...
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    Covid and girl issues

    Hello So there is a girl who i used to work with but because of pandemic i lost that job. Recenty i added her on facebook and started casual conversation. Because of the pandemic everything is closed is it good idea to ask her out just to walk? Or should i wait untill lockdown is going to be...
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    Online dating apps?

    Hi I am quiet new in this. Recently i decided to use apps to help me with meeting new girls due to covid going out is nearly impossible. After 2 weeks of using (tinder, badoo, bumble and happen) I literally got nothing. I read how to optimize profiles to be more attrsctive etc. Hard for me to...
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    Problematic breakup

    Hello My girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago after 5 years of a relationship. She said that maybe that will help us to get back together. I did some pity stuff within the next three days after I moved out (crying, apologizing etc). After that broke up, I was, and I still am shocked I have...