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Search results for query: college

  1. R

    Accepting friendzone from select women

    Women friends are fine when you’re a teenager and in college. BUT once you become an adult, I don’t see the point in them. Especially in your 30’s and beyond.
  2. In2theGame

    Age difference

    ...age, they said "Ohh" and they said sorry "She's 22" Around the same age of 33, I picked up at fantastic hot blonde 19 year old that was in college. She didnt care about my age. Another time I think i was 32... a girl at a bar asked how old I was... I said 32 and she said "Oh cool, Im 21"...
  3. R

    Women no longer emotionally bonding with men?

    I think it’s also a city thing. Lots of girls from around my small hometown sleep around less (I think) than in the bigger cities here.
  4. S

    Women no longer emotionally bonding with men?

    ...who have LTRs or marry will have fewer partners by their 30th birthday. There are enough women out there who get into an LTR with a high school boyfriend, a college boyfriend, or some guy they meet before 25. I think you are overestimating the 6+ looking women in their 20s with high notch counts.
  5. P

    Women no longer emotionally bonding with men?

    There's this mistaken idea that slvts are easier. It's actually wrong. Naive, untainted women are easier because they haven't been imprinted yet.
  6. MatureDJ

    Women no longer emotionally bonding with men?

    ...seeing a few of these gals still have their wedding photos (with a Chad as a groom, of course), which struck me as odd. OK, I would have no problem having the photos in a box (like old college tests), but to have them out in the open, and then be in full view of gentleman callers? :mad: :mad:
  7. C

    The pick up artist is a creep

    ...even from describing the 'victims' story of events, I was thinking 'but what did he do wrong?!!'. One that springs to mind was of a young college guy hitting on a stranger in the street and he extended his hand for her to grab (guess he'd watched too much RSD footage) after his open, and he...
  8. P

    Women no longer emotionally bonding with men?

    Yup one was a gorgeous black chick I knew in college. She was very promiscuous to the point that it was worrying. About 18 yrs ago a local morning radio show had women call into the show and give their real number. There were a good amount of women who were in the triple digits. It was shocking...
  9. 2Rocky

    Accepting friendzone from select women

    ...my life in other ways. One was a woman I met while married. At the time of my divorce I had to slot her in the friendzone... Another is a college professor I worked with in her previous job. While she is single, she doesn't make my putter flutter, but she is friendly and likes a number...
  10. B

    Current plate rotation analysis

    Just be honest with them. If they don't like it they can leave.
  11. darksprezzatura

    Current plate rotation analysis

    ...of old. Excused herself with time constraints. Not a potential long term partner due to her age. Potential plate 4 - 22 year old bubbly college grad. Designer. Seems like she's down to smash. Just took her number. Not a long term suitor cuz she's not as attractive. Crashed plate 5 - DTF...
  12. TheNewStyle123

    I hired a h0oker to LARP as my date so I could send a pic to my dad

    ...a good excuse as to why I have no interest in being married again for a long time (or ever). I see a lot of my friends and people I knew in college shacking up with their college sweethearts and it's sickening. Most of them I know seem to be getting married just to get married. Because...
  13. Hank Moody

    PUA Rejection Cringe

    I wouldn't say that. Some of them are good. They're not all lame. Back in college, when PUA was at its peak, I almost signed up for a bootcamp with a PUA named JT Tran, the Asian Playboy. Some of his stuff was corny, but all in all, he had good material.
  14. corrector

    Why do almost all Men find it impossible to find women in 2021?

    This is good blackpill info with me. This means the only area I can really improve is losing weight since I think these aspects.of the SMV is basically shot unless I win a lottery if even a six figure means nothing unless its over $200s. But hey you dont need that much to JBW in SEA.
  15. S

    Why do almost all Men find it impossible to find women in 2021?

    I agree that the majority of middle class or higher women lead rather bland, average sex lives. Most middle class or higher women are older (30+) and are in LTRs or married. LTRs of 3-5 years or longer often involve less frequent sex. This occurs in part because women lose interest in their beta...
  16. D

    Why do almost all Men find it impossible to find women in 2021?

    ...sexual forces" and for every crazy ho with daddy issues who will never change or learn, a normal woman got burned once or twice in HS and college and then chose different behavior going forward. So WHERE are the 40 million female "tingle" addicts on drugs? They don't exist. If they don't...
  17. S

    When do women hit "The Wall"?

    ...that need the redemption. There are men in their 30s and 40s who got rejected a lot by the best looking women in their high schools and/or colleges. These men would like to see the former hotties that rejected them years ago try to crawl to them in their 30s and 40s. The men would like to...
  18. S

    The virginity fraud [video]

    Most men will not meet virgins after age 22 at the latest. If a guy goes to a 4 year college somewhere between 18-24 for a BA/BS degree, he might meet a virgin here and there if he's dealing with 18-19 year old freshman and sophomores. It's uncommon outside of devoutly religious communities...
  19. P

    Why do almost all Men find it impossible to find women in 2021?

    Drug dealers also have the badboy/outlaw thing going, which is probably even bigger than the lifestyle/money they offer that comes with it. I would argue that it's the drug dealer's persona that is the ultimate pull. Bill Gates has sh1tloads of money but he's been married to a trannie for the...
  20. S

    Why do almost all Men find it impossible to find women in 2021?

    ...because he doesn't have enough persona. His income means nothing to them because women in their 30s he's typically interacting with have college degrees and are making $70,000+. Their $60,000+ which covers the basics. His solid income means nothing to them, and they take it for granted. If he...