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    Accepting friendzone from select women

    your either the better looking one of the two, and banging, or your uglier than her, and now youre her little "Time wh0re"
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    Running into the same kinds of women.

    welcome to the gaslighting world of your dating options. lets face it, its a red flag if a woman is even single, they get 100 DM's a day for purely breathing, we do not get that offer. and every good woman i know, you can guarantee shes in a LTR
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    Running into the same kinds of women.

    Its modern women as a group. Feminism , Fatherless households, the paradox of choice, along with promiscuity, has completely eroded their minds. anytime Ive dated a woman 29-40 in the last two years, she has bailed on me as soon as shes found out I have masculine frame or she isnt the focus of...
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    How do you tell your gf to lose body fat ?

    i tried to get my dad to lose weight, hes about 24 stone. (Although his diet is quite good now, he doesnt lose weight) Ive never known such frustration in my life, he just didnt care. he would sit on a garden chair and if it broke he would laugh. ordering things off BIG MAN websites doesnt...
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    Tinder experiment

    Ive not seen that so i cant say its one of my findings im afriad. women do it all the time online, if a younger girl gets pregnant by some bloke shes barely met, they all congratulate her, and tell her shes a superhero, where as in reality theyre life is a mess because of it
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    Tinder experiment

    women cant put their hands up and be told theyve been sold a lie by feminism, it would strike fear into theyre lizard brain. so they continue to live the lie women are so evil, they push younger women to live the same life. so they can also watch there demise.
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    Tinder experiment

    I **** 45+ year old women at times, as long as I agree to her physique. I can only imagine its the closest thing i will get to understanding how a young mediocre woman feels daily, because these MILFs absolutely worship me.
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    Tinder experiment

    they do , theyre bitter and jaded to the hill. its all a front. They would be at risk of suicide, if they were open and honest with themselves
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    I hired a h0oker to LARP as my date so I could send a pic to my dad

    I only have to listen to my daughters 12 year old school piers, to see they are totally owned by misandrist feminism.
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    I hired a h0oker to LARP as my date so I could send a pic to my dad

    I only have to look at social media this minute to know the process lead man on>have kid>remove dad from household whilst kid still in nappies>blame dad>Im victim unless you earn over 80k the woman will 100% hook up with the state
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    Tinder experiment

    it wont, theres no turning back now, its all rewarded to them on a silver platter
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    Woman so fcking entitled nowadays

    Im very observant in social settings and I can agree, if I chat to the young hot cashier I can usually progress with her, or even if we just leave each other with a good vibe, Ive also noticed the other young hot cashiers come over to to giggle with her. all 3 wave as i leave the starbucks if I...
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    What is Happening with Men?

    yes 3 points down to keep her interested, or move in hers and cuck to keep her interested
  14. D

    T levels

    nope dont get any kind of psychological/addiction effects from test. it doesnt matter what people tell you, you seem to have an answer for everything. or have a reason to doubt get off google
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    T levels

    Time to get rowdy and cycle 250mg a week of Test E, for 12 weeks as a cycle. do a weeks worth of NOFAP/No Porn after your first injection. to reset things a little be prepared to hold everyone accountable, lift up a house, and you'll orgasm like Highlander the movie when he kills an immortal...
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    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    About a year ago, I called my daughters mom and her moms friend out for terrible behaviour. (bare in mind at the time, if i contacted her politely about our daughter she would take 4 working days to respond, and never answered my calls.) After calling her out, the two of them literally started...
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    When do women hit "The Wall"?

    I believe if they are obese there is a wall. if shes average in shape, she will be wined and dined well into her 40s I was absolutely gobsmacked at the posh places I found out a single mom was took to recently, in the space of a week. she lived a very, very good life. spinning plates. the...
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    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    this is the modern day woman, think about how illogical this is? polite = No reply call their ego out = 2 paragraphs/ have a think about how backwards that is
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    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    nope, as a 38 year old I can tell you this, theyre the worst. if she only has 1 or 2 kids, she will be inundated with men wanting to pump & dump, she confuses this as her value
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    Why do almost all Men find it impossible to find women in 2021?

    I do not know where you get this stuff from , its complete nonsense and embarassing. your totally obsessed with it. And I suggest you take a break before you shoot a shopping centre up all this stuff works if you are still in high school, In real life women want providers, infact 99% of them...