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    This is something that is rarely mentioned here, but I think might be one of the most important things there is. I can't tell you how many times I've seen very attractive girls with guys simply because they exist close to them. The "trick" is that you need an actual reason to be there. For...
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    I still don't understand relationship

    Lately whenever I see couples, I think and wonder what is the glue that holds them together? I don't understand. Cause often times, they seem distant yet always come back to each other even after arguing. Maybe I actually do understand, but I'm just too independent for it to work for me. Maybe a...
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    Does anyone go downtown a lot?

    I haven't been to the downtown bars and clubs in my city nearly at all in the past two-and-a-half years. Maybe just once or twice. Before that I used to go there fairly often. My face was known in nearly every establishment in the downtown area. However, even back then, Inever got anything from...
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    Anyone going out tonight or getting some pu$$y tonight?

    How's everyone doing tonight? (Or even tomorrow?) Trying to get things back to real interactions instead of talking about theories that involve no people in the stories.
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    Just walked past some HB10s...

    I'm actually on a mini-vacation in a city I don't live in. I'm staying downtown and accidentally walked past the line at a club. There were several girls dressed up looking like pure 10s. That's what this forum is supposed to be about. Getting those girls. And there's no reason to hate them...
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    Has anyone actually figured out how to combat their princess syndrome?

    A large percentage of girls walk around like they think they're royalty and that you should feel indebted to them if they even talk to you for 3 seconds. Obviously this is nonsense. But it takes so much energy to change them out of this that it doesn't seem worth it. If possible, I'd like...