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    Headgear that you use for bad hair days.

    When you just want to cover your head and hair, what kind of headwear do you use? I would imagine caps, but if not what kind, and which color/size? And if its not to cover your hear, but maybe because its winter and cold so you need to warm your head, or just because it looks nice on your...
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    Any tips for talking to a crowd of people? (nervousness)

    Any size of crowd, from 5 to 500 people. What is the secret of the public speakers?
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    funny picture, fat guy hot girl.

    http://www.kontrabandcontent.co.uk/1/graphics/pics/rich_guy_poor_guy1.jpg Just another proof, money or pickup skill (most likely money in this case) will get you the girl.
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    Is that true that girls on the rebound are generally easier to pick up?

    as if they are more receptive to you, or am i wrong?
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    help on bra size, 36-B, and C

    ok so how big (or small) is 36-B, and C? And is A bigger than B? Is 36 bigger than 38? thanx, and what is your favorite size ^^
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    you are now known as a womanizer...

    Ok I'm asking how you would handle these 2 scenarios: 1. You successfully picked up a nice girl, spend few days with her. And really likes her, but this girl is the shy type not very aggressive when it comes to the physical parts, like kissing and heavier stuff. Problem is, when she asked...
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    How to say, "sweetie we have come to end of the line. it's over"?

    Nothing is wrong, noone had cheated on the other, or anything like that. It's just that the feeling isn't there anymore, and I feel we're too different. So, I need help on this, since she lived way to far away from me. I would have to do this on the phone or email, or IM/messenger. Maybe...
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    Does your girl freak out when...?

    Does your girl freak out when you tell her in the middle of a conversation that you still miss and think about your old gf? Then she started to have a breakdown and crying, and insisting that she can't accept that, told me that she never expected this from me and suggested we take a break...
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    This guy keep calling, and bugging my gf! How does he dare?

    How does he dare this? As he said to my gf, because I and her is on a long distance relationship, so there is still a chance for him. That's how he bluntly put it to my gf. This guy a computer enginner met her about 3 months ago, and have increased his attempts to ask her out more and more...
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    a new reason for break up

    I and my gf is having a long distance relationship. And she just sent me this SMS below, I'll quote a part of it. "If one day we break up, I hope you understand it's not because I don't love you anymore, but because I love you too much, and miss you too much!" Am I the first to get this...
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    Promising a marriage?

    I will be 22 this year. If everything is going as planned, my education will be done in 3 years. Is it smart or generally a good idea to give my word to my current gf that I will be back with her in 6 years? Which means then I will marry her. Simply put, we dont live in the same country. She...
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    She asks you about if you are jealous?

    Like for instance someone told my sweetie he liked her voice. And she sent me an sms asking me if that makes me jealous? What would you say?
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    New unknown situation: No target

    There was a time when I was madly infatuated with most girls. Then I found this site. The numbers of girls that caught my attention became lower and lower. Now in college, I have moved out and into a dorm. Somehow in this place I haven't caught anyone to like or be infatuated in yet...
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    How many pounds do you usually lift?

    As heavy as you can, lift for 5 times, then pause 30 seconds, then repeat this three, four times.
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    morning excercises

    Hey I get up at 6:00 then what is most suitable to do: Exercise right away or eat breakfast first then exercise? I want to have a sixpack, so I do abdomen, stomach crunches, and push ups. Do you have any other suggestions?
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    Advertiser/spammers in the dj forum

    Detected one: celebguy_dv I recommend: The dirty boot.
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    pop up private message error?

    Even though I just recently turned this option on, (but turned off the email notification) I haven't seen any popup. I got a message 8 days ago... edit: What I tried to say that I just casually check the inbox and bwam there lies a new msg, and the pop up thing didnt alert me in all these...
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    Damn, I forgot that!

    I consider this a health problem :) Why is it that I often forget about stuff??? Take today, just recently I freaking forgot to attend my karate training, which was supposed to begin 3 hours ago. Actually this is the first time, I complete forgot the entire training (I was busy reading books...
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    Might be my most useful post...

    Subject: Remove the Off-topic section (Anything else). You sure read something that this board in the old times was better. It has certainly something to do with the introduction of the off-topic section. I'm sure that is where a lot of the conversation was being held, and that many of you...
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    What happen to my sig? It's only one short sentence...

    testing testing. It disappered just about 2 days ago