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  1. PowerQuest

    Revealing wealth

    Make her believe that you are poorer than a church rat and if she still like to hang out with out (and maybe loves you too), then she might be one of the great ones. (Hint hint, its s'hit test in itself, just like the old door test is) and on the flipside: Showing off your wealth toy our...
  2. PowerQuest

    When a Woman Turns 27

  3. PowerQuest

    Why Instagram is way worse than Online dating apps for men

    Many high value guys are not on Instagram at all. They don't have time for that sheite and are way to fu'cking busy running and building their businesses plus their normal day to day life stuff to deal with such things as social media because it is huge distraction + mostly time waste. Same...
  4. PowerQuest

    Why Instagram is way worse than Online dating apps for men

    Instagram in a nutshell.. :lol::rofl::rolleyes: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/20/grounded-private-jet-hire-helps-russians-fake-lavish-lifestyles/?WT.mc_id=tmgoff_fb_tmg...
  5. PowerQuest

    Vaccination cult cringe..

    Indeed. I agree.
  6. PowerQuest

    How do you tell your gf to lose body fat ?

    I agree about lead by example, but on the flipside tough love can sometimes be the best way to give a wake up call and not be so gentle about it. It is fine if you say in not an evil/mean way, but in a honest and caring way so the person (In this case your gf obviously), does understand that you...
  7. PowerQuest

    How do you tell your gf to lose body fat ?

    Tell the biitch you're fat! Hit the fuarking gym! Because there are really no nice way of saying it. So you might just say it out loud and honestly..
  8. PowerQuest

    Do you ever notice that any time there is an article about obesity, it seems that the fat women in it are always married or at least a mother?

    Just kill all whales. :devil: Exactly. They made their choices. No sympathy can be expected.
  9. PowerQuest


    Thank you for sharing your story. I think family stealing, lying and disrespecting you is the worst because it's so close. It is really drains your soul in another way than random would or can do. I hope everything turns well out for you dudebro. :up: Cheers!
  10. PowerQuest

    Victoria's Secret says goodbye to Angels in attempt to redefine 'sexy'

    Ha ha.. look at that... WTF? They are toast and basically doing a "Gillette move". Stupid woke leftist morons never learns... Good luck with that. Oh... How did that go for Gillette by the way when they tried it? Oh yeah they lost $8 billion in revenue! lmfao :devil::lol::rofl:
  11. PowerQuest

    Dan Pena on Getting Women

    Well Dan Pena (https://shorturl.gg/wiki-danpena), has made fortune taking action and lives in huge old middle-age castle with he bought and renovated from the money he has earned through his businesses. I guess that tells something?
  12. PowerQuest

    The pick up artist is a creep

    Well try to jump on sinking cruse ship and see what happens. You will be told "women and children first" in the life boats and you are told to wait and it is expected that you as man to die with the ship going down in the drink.
  13. PowerQuest

    Finally met someone I really like

    You should maintain frame and never apologizing for anything which isn't your fault unless you are truly in the wrong doing of something really obviously stupid....
  14. PowerQuest

    The pick up artist is a creep

    Stalker type of looking dude. Prolly why he did this thinking he would have them all for himself.. What a wank'er lol
  15. PowerQuest

    The pick up artist is a creep

    Men has always been the disposable sex which are sent off to war to die etc. women has always been the weaker sex that needs to be protected along with elderly and children. Get used to it because it is never going to change as it is an integrated part of our society.
  16. PowerQuest

    The pick up artist is a creep

    Well the white knight bartender did a "Captain Save-A-Hoe" and still he didn't got laid himself. So.. who cares? Karma is a biiatch.
  17. PowerQuest

    Dan Pena on Getting Women

    I like sort of Dan Pena - He is at least straight forward no bs kind of guy that says what he thinks and he doesn't give a damn what others think of him which is sort of liberating in these retarded days of all the commie political correctness/woke leftist bull cra'p. He is also correct in that...
  18. PowerQuest

    Old Plate Resurfaces But Is A Covid Risk!

    Now that's something you can call a double whammy! :rofl:;) xD
  19. PowerQuest

    Cold approach challenge

    I went into the walking fridge and approached a cold sexy Carlsberg and then later had imitate contact with that beer. I even did it the next day.... Does that count? :devil::rofl::rofl:
  20. PowerQuest

    What to do with the family members

    Good speed dudebro. Go out there and make the world yours! ;):up::cool: