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    intimacy vs trust

    What signs should you look for in a relationship to know that you have trust? Lets say that everything feels great. You have mutual admiration, intimacy and a fun time together. All those things are easy to spot, but I don't think that this must lead to trust. Please, give me some insights...
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    SS:ing a dancer

    SS:ing someone that likes to dance I need suggestions. Here are my ideas: Electing values Me: What do you like about dancing? Her: [bla bla bla] Me: What more does you like about dancing? Her: [bla bla bla] Me: Yeah, it must feel great to get up on the dance floor and be [bla bla bla]...
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    Interesting link: Dan Scorpio NLP, Language Pattern and Consciousness

    I just found this very interesting link: http://www.angelfire.com/nd/danscorpio/ It's a lot of interesting info useful for SS. You must read the section about presuppositions. (‘you must’ – ‘presupposition’... funny. ) /Turbobird
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    My Tip about how to be the center of attention at a party.

    Let’s say you are a guest at a party with 10-20 people. You are a alpha man and a DJ. This means that you should always be the center of attention. This is a list of things you could do to get everybody’s attention: Always sit so that everybody easy could look at you. The ideal position is if...
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    Get some books about sex and massage technique.

    Get some books about sex and massage technique. Even if you don’t need to read them. Buy them and put them in your bookcase so that you are sure chicks notice them when they visit you. This could help to get the convo into sex or massage. And you know what to do when one of these topics has...
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    Big bug in "search function"

    The search function does not work in the way it should do. It doesn’t recognize some words in posts. Example: Searching the Tips Forum for the word “supplicate” doesn’t give any hit. Than look in Pooks article – “kill that desperation!”: They see that the woman must be 'wooed' rather then...