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    Central Florida

    Hey men. I live in Casselberry, FL. Are there any DJ's who want to meet up once in a while to hone our skills on the unsuspecting public?
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    Second chances?

    Under what circumstances should a man give a woman who has rejected him a chance? Should there even be a chance given? I usually close the door forever on them but, what if I am wrong? Aren't women also human and prone to error? On the other hand I don't want to be taken advantage of. Would...
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    Late Bloomer Seeking Advice

    I am not entirely sure if this is a unique problem or not. I could give a back story about how I ended up where I am but I am not sure that is relevant. I have reconciled with my past so unless it becomes relevant, I think I will just keep it to myself for now. So, I will spare you that much...
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    I'm Pissed!

    I'm PISSED off! I'm pissed off at myself for falling for and training myself to be more like the man women said they wanted. I'm pissed off that I believed every beta-appeasing declaration that I have ever allowed to penetrate my mind and heart. I am pissed off at myself for every time I...