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    Stop looking for perfection, or you'll be looking at porn

    That is the most clever and profound thing I heard today. Thanks.
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    intimacy vs trust

    Thanks for your profound answers, guys!
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    intimacy vs trust

    What signs should you look for in a relationship to know that you have trust? Lets say that everything feels great. You have mutual admiration, intimacy and a fun time together. All those things are easy to spot, but I don't think that this must lead to trust. Please, give me some insights...
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    Her: "Are you going to call me again?"

    Good one! I will use it constantly forever after this.
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    Easy pattern.

    Actually, I think it's a great idea, Create Reality. I have a little idea of an improvement of your pattern: Don't touch her before after the pattern! Build anticipation! Anticipation is a really strong force – use it! Basically you tell her how she should react on a anchor, and then trigger...
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    Basic Patterns....For starters.

    Good post Angel! I just want to point out that you mixed up weasel phrases and phonetic ambiguity:
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    SS:ing a dancer

    Ohh... I didn't mean that kind of a dancer... :) I have changed the topic now so that it will not create more missunderstandings.
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    SS:ing a dancer

    SS:ing someone that likes to dance I need suggestions. Here are my ideas: Electing values Me: What do you like about dancing? Her: [bla bla bla] Me: What more does you like about dancing? Her: [bla bla bla] Me: Yeah, it must feel great to get up on the dance floor and be [bla bla bla]...
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    Mind Reading...

    It can be really helpful to get cues from others eye accessing. It’s interesting that it took so long time before the psychologists got the theory about this stuff right. This is a really great link with a nice java-applet for practicing eye accessing patterns...
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    New Site

    I like this new forum. Well done! Thanks Allen for a great site!!! /Turbobird
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    Is there anyone who can help me?

    What's so special about her? Why are you "proud to mention" a dumb-ass that doesn’t want to speak with you? This is the wrong forum for you to start in. Read the DJ Bible and check out the DJ Discussion Forum. Hopefully, you will understand that she is not the one for you. Why would you want...
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    Lessons learned from real world DJ'ing experiences (must read)

    Really motivating post Guitar_Whizz. Keep up the good work! /Turbobird
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    Just saying goodbye to you guys

    I have also had those times when I had to take a break from women. When the game doesn’t feel as fun and interesting as it should be, than a break is necessary. The game should be fun, and you have to feel 100% convicted to it. You will not find the one by taking a break!!! You are taking a...
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    Basics of the NLP mindset - I

    By the way... What do you mean by "Change the focus of your questions, using 'How?' instead of 'Why?'."? I first ask myself: "Why should I do that?" and then, if I got a good reason for doing it: "How should I do that?" /Turbobird [This message has been edited by Turbobird (edited 12-10-2002).]
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    Basics of the NLP mindset - I

    Good post, Blues Boy!
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    VSSM: Lesson 2

    It doesn't matter if she knows what you are doing. You are giving her the feelings she want to feel, and that's all that matters. /Turbobird
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    VSSM: Lesson 2

    Great post Vronski!!! /Turbobird
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    Ok I'm gonna give SS a try. BUT...

    A lot of Jefferies audio tapes are avaible on the net. Download some mp3's using iMesh or another peer to peer program and decide if the audios are worth the high prize. /Turbobird
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    English Patterns

    Vronski: Thanks, Vronski! It was really helpful to read your comments about blaze23’s pattern. Now I got a slight idea about how to create a pattern. I will give this patterning thing a try myself soon. I don’t have the time right now. I hope that you will help me too when I post my first...