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    I just made up a joke: What does the millenial generation and the year 2000 have in common? Lots of zeroes. :D I'm going to enjoy ƒucking your generation's women.
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    How do I respond to this text?

    the other day i paid my phone bill at the kiosk at the supermarket They're was a hb11 cutie helping me out and we chatted for 20 mintutes She was smiling and playing with her hair a bunch. I didn't think much of it at the time, but, I got a text the other day that read: Do you think she...
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    Atlas Shrugged Audio Book

    If you're like me, it's tough to make time to read a thousand-page book. At one point, I had a long commute and rented the audio book from the library to listen to while I drove. For a long time, only the first half was loaded up on youtube: you could listen to only half of the book...
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    Hunting season is here!

    :rockon: I am finishing up my first deer of the season (bow, 25 yards): hanging jerky today, the rest is all done and in the freezer. Passed on a little six-pointer yesterday. I have to get out and do some late-season trout later today... Anyone else been out hunting yet this season?
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    Don't AMOG the host!

    This should be self-evident, but it's clearly not. Having been a host, and having tended bar, I can say with certainty that it's not good for your game. I have been reminded of this after seeing the faces of my guests after yet another AMOG (in a long string) by a poor guest. 1. AMOG of...
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    So much tension... I need some electrolytes.

    Let's all just crack a brawndo and get along. #2 #3 Super-extra caffeine isn't my really bag anymore: too much rage. You have to be in the mood. I generally reach for earth's juice now instead and give a negative ƒuck.
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    Don't let society define YOUR success

    Wealth is wealth, success is not the same thing. In my dictionary, published in 1965, "success" is defined as: As you can see, "money" isn't in there anywhere: the definition of success is, simply, a positive outcome. Note the change in the 1981 Webster New World Dictionary: :eek...
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    The Castle

    Prologue: I had heard something out in the real world regarding a castle analogy that prompted me to want to come back and read again what I had left here. I had a bit of trouble sifting through all the "your princess is in another castle" references that came up with the search, which...
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    The Map and Compass

    I wanted to share a personal experience of mine with the members here with the hope of someone getting a good perspective on (masculine) life from it. I was reminded of this experience by this post: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showpost.php?p=1495669&postcount=1 "Confident Persistence...
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    A milestone.

    I was seeing a woman my age, no kids, never married. She was smart, professional, and educated. The sex was good, she was good looking, had a huge rack, and worked out. Things were going great for a while, until she asked on a car ride: "Would you ever get married?" V: "Probably, but...
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    "When emotions are flaring"

    I think I could stand a little support from the network myself. It seems that I have sort of a "reverse" scenario from Slicksters. I'm the one in the doghouse, it seems. Over the weekend my GF and I had some plans for a group outing. There was quite a bit of anticipation as we were both...
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    FR: Staged "accidental" call?

    My gf and I were out "bar hopping" picking up applications for me as I am looking for a bartender job. We decided to stop for a while at the next place and get a light meal to tide us over until dinner and I could fill out a few aps while waiting for our food. We arrive and ask to be seated...
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    So they come out today. Hooray for hype! Let me ask, because I'm thoroughly confused... Why would anyone buy one of these? I mean, why would you buy a computer if you already have one? Or, why would you buy a phone if you already have one? Even more, why would you buy an iPod...
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    Belly buttons? Huh?

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    Yelling is awesome. Man, I absolutely adore yelling. If I had my way, normal tone of voice would be yelling. Last night a woman was over and I was making dinner in the kitchen. I'm pretty light on my feet, so I was easily manuevering around her. But she kept apologizing for being in my...
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    If a tree falls in the woods... the ASD destroyer.

    It's a classic question. "If a tree falls in the woods, and noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" How many times have you been in an arguement over the answer? Well, it's a trick question. There is only one correct answer, and that answer is: "No." Perception. Noun sound...
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    Accidental DJ?

    Ok, so a Russian chick wrote this and spammed it. But from a DJ stand point, reading this with the broken english only made it MORE POETIC. If this had been straight-English, no flaws, it wouldn't be nearly as beautiful. Take second to REALLY read it. Having to decode the "poetry" really...
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    Effective use of your ignore list.

    Every poster here is empowered with a handy feature: an ignore list. Trolls? Idiots? Haters? Find yourself repeatedly arguing over and over again with the same person? Is someone constantly bashing other posters and you're tired of reading it? Don't be reactive and complain or argue, be...
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    Then versus now.

    I've been waiting to get a link posted for you guys for a long time. We've talked about how bad advertising sucks, how "days gone by" have been different, and the feminization of society for a long time. We have had all sorts of posts to youtube movies of bad commercials, links to articles...
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    "Are you mad?"

    Blatent and planned disrespect... amazing. Sh!t test? Wait, what kind of game is this? Blah, doesn't matter, I'm all over it. Here's the background: I meet up with chick, call, fux, things are going smooth. I had some obligations, life gets in the way, we don't see each other for a couple...