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    Fwb Cancelled on me...

    Good work. Keep in mind that your time is valuable and it's completely up to you what you allow to slide or not. Maybe it's just me, but excuses are still excuses and should be treated as such. Not much "game" to be done in this situation. It's simply a matter of respect for another person's...
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    Who are value givers ?

    OP, these whole Tyler Durden style PUA sales pitches are about 15 years late.
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    single moms roster was unreal.

    I think the logic that OP is getting at is that, if 4s can't appreciate or don't care about decent men, then the 7s, 8s, and 9s won't care about decent men. Right? But these 4s are jaded and out of touch with reality. Strangely enough, I think one would have more chances with regular women than...
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    If a woman doesn’t reply to a man

    I think it might just be a semantic debate of what the term "Alpha" is. Of course, hot-headed old-school actions that used to define what Alpha is isn't very useful in today's world. I'm thinking of Alpha more in terms of Alpha in societal hierarchy (having your sh*t together, having ambitions...
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    If a woman doesn’t reply to a man

    Not sure if men will have more lay success by acting more beta. The woman might give you more attention (but not sex) because women want to keep that simp train going, but it's hard to imagine that your success of banging chicks is 10x just because of this new simp culture we're in. I guess...
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    If a woman doesn’t reply to a man

    Nailed it. Anything less than cooperation should be a NEXT. The problem with a lot of men is that they tend to rationalize lack of cooperation, hence leading themselves into a "chasing" mindset.
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    If a woman doesn’t reply to a man

    It's been said here over and over that a woman will climb barbed wire in order to get to the Alpha male she desires. If she can't even text you back, that Alpha male ain't you. She's either playing coy or she's busy figuring out how to ensnare her current Alpha male target. Or getting banged by him.
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    Enlarged heart for the Almighty dollar

    Although I'm vehemently against MSM and the government's push for everyone to get this vaccine, I'm hoping that the side effects of this vaccine don't affect the majority as I have too many family members who've already taken it. If I for some reason happened to get the jab just to keep an...
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    Creating an FB business account without a personal FB account?

    Sorry for asking business related stuff here, but every google search I come up with is "you absolutely cannot create a business page without linking it an existing personal account." What in the god awful fvck. I'd like to keep my personal and business completely separate, and despite FB's...
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    Do we become more fearful as we get older?

    A different angle here. It's possible a lot of the fear can just be a sign of lower T and vitamin deficiencies. Especially if your mindset is right, which it seems like it is for you. Try intermittent fasting for a week but keep up with vitamins and supplements (I think you're the one who made...
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    The alpha male quid pro quo

    Don't do things for a woman that you wouldn't do for your elderly grandma. If you're ever stuck in a situation where you HAVE to do something to help a woman out before she's given you anything, it has to be seen as completely unconditional and not wanting anything in return. If you have even...
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    Are there any supplements that actually work for old age?

    Vitamin C very regularly. Multiple times per day if you can remember. Vitamin E (do lots of research first). And make sure you take the d-alpha version. Don't take dl-alpha. I take 400 IU every few days. Vitamin B-complex once a day. Fish oil. Never skip your fish oil ever. Zinc once a day...
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    Plate I was seeing pulling back. "Forgot" to get back to me with her schedule

    Sounds like a situation where you should soft NEXT. In my experience, girls who know they fukked up will usually message me again after a few hours, or the next day. If not, then just eject her from your mind (don't even let yourself be annoyed). Good on you for not messaging her back right...
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    Is it impossible for a high SMV man to be truly monogamous

    I wouldn't say it's 100% impossible, but I'd say that the man who keeps his SMV intact during his LTRs will have extreme trouble controlling his bloodlust for new v@gina. Mostly because he knows he can get new v@gina if he wanted to. High SMV is correlated with always going after what you want...
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    Twin towers in 21st century

    What I'm getting from this is that women between the ages of 18 to 22 are the twin towers because of how unstable their values are. Also, PP are a nono.
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    asian women vs white western women

    My .02 is that if a type of woman is able to get a dude's d1ck really hard and makes him able to shoot a 100 mph load, then he has every right to pursue that kind of woman. If that type of woman happens to be in the asian demographic, then why not? If feminine women are your thing, and if the...
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    Finally met someone I really like

    The problem with your thinking here is the fact that you believe she should be "respectful and understanding." Women aren't respectful and understanding on their own. Rather, they're led by a strong figure which makes them respectful and understanding of his authority. If you aren't pushing her...
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    The Final Redpill that you Narcs won't accept is...

    Your experiences with women in general are going to be transitory. You mitigate the ego damage caused by Alpha branch swingers by switching your focus to your leverage (plates). There really isn't much you can do once you're no longer a woman's focal point. The best course of action is to chill...
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    Do you guys think a 40 year old can get with a woman in her 20s?

    I'll let you know in 5 years. I don't plan on getting serious or even dating or plating any woman past her prime.
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    How many of you are vaccinated?

    I'm not getting it. I respect people who have done their own due diligence and research and will get it. If you're someone who's decided to get it, there's no point in trying to convince someone who's done their own due diligence and decided not to get it. Vice-versa as well. Most of my family...