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    Women who tease you? IOI?

    I am a very sarcastic person and enjoy bantering. What are your experiences with women who are very sarcastic and tease you. Indicator of Interest? Friend? Entertainment?
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    When your male friends act like chicks

    Got two male friends, known them for 15+years, they hit me up once a month to find out what I have been up to, how the ladies are treating me, work etc.They always mention about getting together for beverages, never happens. Red-pilled opens your eyes. Women and Mens words don’t match their...
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    40year old, a 19 year old and alcohol.

    I met a 19yr old woman. We had good convo. She gave me her number. She mentioned she goes to this place in town where they serve her even though she is underage. I’m going to set up a date, possibly go to that same place and then head back to mine. What’s the protocol of underage girls drinking...
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    Four women harassing me at work. Ready to quit my job.

    This is not a story to brag. I wish I didn’t have this problem. I have four women at work constantly vying for my attention. The first is a heavy set 24year old with a boyfriend who I have no interest in. The second is my immediate supervisor who is recently married with a kid. (Doable) She is...
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    Dancing with women, need help with the transition.

    I have been going out to clubs to dance, mostly Salsa. No problem grabbing attractive women to dance with. I usually end up making out with some of them right on the dance floor. Any tips on how to escalate further with the ladies that don’t kiss me on the dance floor. I have always told them...
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    Women who constantly stare at your girl in public.

    Every time I am out in public with my main plate she gets eyed up by attractive women. I consider myself an 8 and my plate a hb-7. She has a gorgeous body but doesn’t dress provocative. Went out last night for a walk, counted twenty women, eyeing her up. Not sure what to make of it. Guessing...
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    Was she playing hard to get? Did she have low interest? Or was she just mentally unstable.

    Dated a HB-8 for six months Sex on date #6 (yes, I said six) She never paid for anything when we went out but she bought me some small gifts. Asked me why I dont reach out to her more often and when I do she always responded to my text two days later, Always accepted my invitations, Introduced...
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    My girlfriends friends are constantly hitting on me

    Recently entered into a relationship with my main plate of ten months. Every time we hang out with her female friends they flirt and hit on me. We we’re at a party and her good friend said to me “ See, you don’t need your gf, I can cook for you” I responded with, I’m not sure, my girl makes a...
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    Plate of three months NEVER initiates contact

    Have a plate who I have been seeing for three months, took five dates to sex her (yeah, I know). She never initiates contact. Responds to my text two days later. I mirror. I contact her once a week, set up a date, come home and bang. Last weekend she took me to a Christmas party with all of her...
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    Guys who stare at your woman while you are standing right there

    Went to a wedding, some facktard was there, kept staring at my woman (possibly soon to be gf). It was obvious that we were together. I noticed my woman checking him out twice as he was pretty much staring at her the entire night. He started gaming other women as the night went along. I wanted to...
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    Crazy things a Hb-10 says

    Met an hb-10 a few weeks ago, model, blonde blue eyes, natural chick is drop dead gorgeous who has a bf and cheats on him all the time with dudes that are less attractive than him. Anyway, she is a good friend of my main plate. The hb10 told my plate that she should fake a pregnancy scare. The...
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    orgasm problem because of porn

    Been sleeping with three beautiful women, all with smoking hot bodies and pretty. There are instances where I find myself not being able to reach orgasm. I can acheive an erection with no problem but I can have sex for hours without hitting orgasm. It was great for the ladies in the beginning...
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    My guilt is starting to show

    I have been spinning two steady plates for about six months now. Both have been asking for exclusivity, I give them the, "Things are going well, I am definately open to it, lets see where this goes" line. -I hang out with plate A on Friday evening/nights, -I hang out with plate B on Sat...
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    4th date with woman

    Went out on a fourth date with a 40yr old woman who divorced two years ago. She takes hours to respond to my text messages but always agrees to go out on dates. I ask her to text me when she gets home and she never does. First date- drinks and kiss close, she didnt offer to split the bill...
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    Nick Jonas 25 gets engaged to 35 yr old Priyanka Chopra

    This is where the future is headed. Older women going after younger males. Young Beta males settling with women who are way past the wall. Where was Deezdbruh to talk some sense into this man. The idea of women hitting a “wall” is over. They have more options you will ever have.
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    Third Date-Invited her to my house, says she is busy, counters with a day activity.

    I went out with this bish on two dates, drinks at a bar on the first and a byob restaurant on the second and had some appetizers. Kiss closed on both dates, a bit of makoutage at the end of each date. She hasnt offered to pay for anything on both dates. Texted me after every date to say Thank...
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    Field report- trust in the red pill

    Went out to a bar with a few friends, a woman named Lisa, her husband John and one of her male orbiters (Peter). I used to bang this chick on and off for years. We have a long history. Anyway, I walk into the bar and immediately start running game on her friend. Her friend is extremely...
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    LTR with women who have an extremely high sex drive.

    I have this plate who is 39years old pushing for exclusivity and I am contemplating it (yeah, yeah i know) She has high interest and her sex drive is insane. Wants to bang every thirty minutes throughout the night and into the morning. We have five hour sex marathons to the point where my penis...
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    Plate #2 dumping me because I won’t commit. How would you respond

    Plate #2 sends me a text today, “Hi. I’m feeling some confusion from you, which is totally fine, but I’m going to take some space. I don’t want to get closer to someone who’s not sure what they want” and then she removed me from bumble Lol How would you respond to this? I dont care if I lose...
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    What are your thoughts on Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie getting married (Game of Thrones)

    I was watching television and saw the dude that apparently women find extremely attractive has just married a woman who is maybe a 6 in my eyes. What are your thoughts? Now every hb6 bish is going to think that she can land a dude just like him.