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  1. Rainman4707

    Classic Posters on this site.

    I think every guys texts. It's a fact that if you stand out from the crowd..it's attractive. Lots of women have said "wow a call...nobody does that...i like it...very refreshing" I would'nt just call a girl out the blue. You just tell her i'll give you a call sometime. Before you call, give her...
  2. Rainman4707

    Is Online Dating Kicking Your Azz Right Now?

    I have noticed a decline especially since 2014. Yesterdy i came across a womans tagline "is tinder even a thing anymore" so it's not just men noticing a decline. OLD does get tiring after several years. Last couple years i have started concentrating more on myself.
  3. Rainman4707

    If you think you are a nice guy or others think you are a nice guy read this:

    I done a similar thing back several years ago :- https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/no-more-mr-nice-guy.222535/
  4. Rainman4707

    Imagine if Men didn't have instagram and Porn Hub.

    Lol. I can control myself. No need for cold baths haha. Maybe once a year i lose control.
  5. Rainman4707

    Imagine if Men didn't have instagram and Porn Hub.

    Yes that is when it gets you. Your balls are full, aching. You just got out a steamy, hot bath...lying on your bed..
  6. Rainman4707


    Not for me. If i go out as a group, i look after those lads welfare.
  7. Rainman4707


    What he said was Look those two are douches, if we ditch them and move on we have more chance of attracting females
  8. Rainman4707


    No, i don't think it does benefit the group that has been left behind. Nowadays so many lads just ditch their friends. They don't give a rats arse what happens to the lads they went out with..whether they can get back home ok etc etc. Only thing they care about is being seen as the loudest in...
  9. Rainman4707


    They were about 22 years old at the time. I don't know the full story..maybe he had his reasons, but i doubt it. He is like so many lads these days. They go out as a group of friends though, so most lads that age have women on their mind when they go out. I would never ditch my friends. If we...
  10. Rainman4707


    Reading the red queen. Matt ridley is writing about how cunning is one of the greatest tools men can use to attract women. I've seen this in a lot of men. My brother was out with several men. One of them is good looking. He does dress well, into fashion. They were in a club. He suggested four...
  11. Rainman4707

    Meghan markle want to restore women

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-57047169 Seen this and thought members might be interested.
  12. Rainman4707

    Jordan Peterson On The Emptiness Of Hook-Up Culture

    Noticed this video yesterday, but still on watching his interviews with joe rogan. What was he saying in a nutshell??
  13. Rainman4707

    The Worst Pain Of All.. Tooth Pain?

    I doubt that.
  14. Rainman4707

    Girl mentioned rape on first date! Should I run away ASAP?

    https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/cold-approached-woman-with-red-flags.268619/ This bird has videos on youtube telling the world she was raped. That how i found out
  15. Rainman4707

    Guya give me some tips on textgames plz!!!

    Ok. Sorry, i did'nt have much wrote down on text game. I have more dating notes, than text game
  16. Rainman4707

    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    I remember late 2013 when i was reading neil strauss's the game. I was sarging in the clubs. I had a don't give a fu'k attitude. I was a cold approach machine. I can concur with OP in that when approching some big groups, it did feel like i was interrupting and intruding and yeah likely came...
  17. Rainman4707

    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    Classic fear of rejection. You have to have the mentality to not care what they think of you. I don't care if those group of hot chicks think i'm weird. These forums are littered with cold approach. Pook has a post on dj bible. I'm aware some people advise not to think to much about what...
  18. Rainman4707

    Is this girl into me?

    No, you definitley do not need to make your feelings explicit!! You are the MAN..if you want to esculate, then esculate.
  19. Rainman4707

    Guya give me some tips on textgames plz!!!

    As is said on here, as a rule, the less texting you do the better. Yeah some chicks will say "id like to get to know you more" I would'nt stress or waste to much time thinking "what to text her" because some guys spend 70 hours over the course of a couple month thinking about "what to text" a...
  20. Rainman4707

    No kiss on the first date, immediate grounds for nexting?

    Depends what your goal is with her. If i liked her, why not see her again. I remember a hungarian woman i was dating in early 2014. She was similar to your girl. She was hesitant with snogs, even after the third date, so i kept my disatnce a while. Anyway, she waited until about fifth date...