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    What is red pill, blue pill, etc mean?

    That's one thing I never understood, and never found a clear answer through searching. Can someone explain clearly what different colored pills indicate? I know it has to do with men's mentality, but that's it.
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    What *really* is the friend zone?

    Because 90% of the relationships I've seen my friends get into is where they have hung out as friends with the girl first, then it turned into dating. This has gone on since high school, college, etc. A common theme I notice is these girls knew the guy for a length of time first. The guy didn't...
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    If a woman likes you, it doesn't matter what you do!

    You can be nice, she will see it as charming. You can be needy, she will see it as caring. You can keep asking her out if she's playing hard to get, she will think it's persistence. You can hold doors, she will think you're husband material. You can double text, she will think it's cute. Do...
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    Girlfriend "likes" jocks Facebook pictures

    So, she hardly ever "likes" anyone's photos, even her friends. Whether it's male, or female. She's pretty quiet on social media. Lately, I've been noticing this guy liking her pictures, so I clicked on his profile and noticed she was liking his. Not the biggest deal, but again, it's unusual for...
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    Call a girl out on two word text responses?

    This girl I've been chatting with always responds, but is very short. Typically two, maybe 3 word answers. Could that just be her texting style? Or is it always a sign of low interest?
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    Does the orbiter exist?

    You hear these stories about guys who hang around a woman in hopes of getting action, through buying dinners, drinks, etc. These are implications of a woman "using" a man for attention. But that's where the story stops. Like a to be continued episode that never aired. In almost every situation...
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    Text conversation (player status)

    Me: Haven't heard from you in a while Her: I've been kinda doing my own thing Me: That's going to make it a little more difficult to pursue your affection Her: lol, what do you mean? Me: It means we should get drinks this Saturday Her: You never text me Me: I guess the first round is on me then...
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    Plate I'm spinning is growing more suspicious

    So I currently have a few in rotation I'm dividing my time between, and this recent conversation took place: Her: I worked all day now I'm laying in bed. You drunk yet? Me: Yes I am! Her: Kinda figured, that's the only time you talk to me Me: What is that supposed to mean? lol Her: lmao exactly...
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    Girl asks why I text her so randomly

    So I've been dealing with this girl for a while, and in the mean time I've been seeing other girls. I had a date reschedule on me, so I contacted her to see what she was up to. I've never had a girl call me on this. I told her I recently moved (which was true), and she repeated herself with...
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    Girl told me to "bring some friends"

    Another plate I'm spinning guys. We texted for a while, she always responded right away, and initiated half the time. I invited her out for drinks and she agreed. She calls me a half hour before we meet up and says "bring some friends." I've never had a woman say this to me, and it caught me a...
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    Player friend's advice differs heavily from forum advice

    Now I know a lot of guys on this forum get plenty of action, but so does my friend, and his approach is vastly different. He's very patient. I've seen text messages from his phone where girls have given him excuses on why they can't hang out, but he keeps talking to them and ends up banging...
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    Girl is talking to someone else, but wants to grab drinks

    I grabbed this girls number, talked for a bit, and asked if she wanted to grab a drink on the weekend. She said "possibly". I didn't respond after that. She initiated two days later saying "Hey". We started talking again. She said "I have to be honest with you, I'm talking to someone but I want...
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    Sleeping with tons of girls, feel empty

    I'm not sure what the deal is. I've been hooking up with girls from Tinder, left and right. Some of these girls are pretty hot. Nice racks, great ass, etc. But after we have sex, I don't feel good about myself, and want them to just leave my apartment. I don't know anything about these girls...
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    Girl I don't know that well takes pictures of me in the bar, sends them to friends

    This has happened on a couple of occasions. I tend to get pretty drunk, and this girl has seen me a few times around town, and takes pictures of me (without my knowledge) and sends them to my friends. Now, I don't know what her reasoning is, and I'd rather not have that conversation with her...
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    Friend posed as a different person, stalked girl

    We're roommates. I found out about this through a mutual friend who happens to know the girl. So he was messaging this girl on Tinder. They had a couple quick back and forths, and nothing come out of it. He created a different account with different pictures and started messaging her again. She...
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    Do I tell my fiance that I'm a stalker?

    This has been eating at me since our engagement. I first "met" with her on PoF. A couple of quick messages back and forth. Nothing ever materialized. I bookmarked her profile and would periodically check it for months. Then I started Facebook stalking her for about 4 years. She listed her...
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    Is this animal abuse?

    My new neighbors just moved in, and they have a pit bull puppy. The thing is so small, it can't be more than a month and a half old. They leave him outside for over 5 hours at a time, completely ignoring him. He's on a 3 foot chain in the back yard. No dog house, nothing. Just a small dish for...
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    Drinking Thread

    Okay guys; what do you drink and how much? Miller Lite is my choice (one of the few beers that doesn't give me a headache). Dabbled a little bit in the craft scene, there's some very good beers out there. A little expensive, and quite filling. I used to be on Vodka, but then the buzz starting...
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    What do you guys think of this hairstyle?

    http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Sport/Pix/pictures/2009/5/28/1243523278657/Roger-Federer-001.jpg I think it looks pretty slick.
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    My friend almost killed somebody for not returning his call

    I couldn't believe it. We were sitting in the backyard grilling out, and my friend Mike was telling me about how our other friend Brad was supposed to meet up with him for basketball on Tuesday, but he never answered his phone or showed up. The next day Brad said to him "my bad, I woke up late."...