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    False Equity

    Social Media and Online Dating has made these girls think they are 10s but in reality deep down they know they are not because they did not do the work on themselves to get to that status, it was handed to them. The insecurity on these girls is ridiculous and it really gets amplified when they...
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    Insecurity disguised as low interest.

    Exactly, a guy that is not good looking and high value does not have the confidence to walk up to a girl and be direct hence this talk about making the girl the prize or the guy being beta-ville. Girls are more socially aware than us guys, they know right away who is the catch when they make...
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    Insecurity disguised as low interest.

    Agree with her on this... most guys are not bold thus taking their time thinking they are mysterious and then latch on like a baby on a boob. A confident guy is direct with his intentions at the first meeting which gets the girl wet because it is rare then he backs off and makes her chase him...
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    Insecurity disguised as low interest.

    Be indifferent to sex. Keep taking her on dates and keep trying. If she puts on the breaks, you back off ans respect it and let her come to you and then you try again. Eventually you will get it. Most guys do not have patience to play the mating game but I look at it as a fun dance between two...
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    Insecurity disguised as low interest.

    This is a thing called autorejection. When you are a good looking and high value/status guy, a girl (even dimes) will get intimidated by you and reject you because they think you are to good for them and you will just pump and dump them. Most girls are insecure so this will start happening more...
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    flake hits me up randomly

    Always be ruthless with these b's and be willing to walk away at all times. They try to get the power from you but in reality do not want it. If they get the power they will hate you for it, they are all crazy.
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    flake hits me up randomly

    You had the day set but not the time. You never tell a girl hit me up when she is ready this shows to her you do not have anything going on in your life but waiting for her. If she was not sure of her schedule that day and was busy then you should have taken the date idea away and let her come...
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    flake hits me up randomly

    Never set a date up in the air. A guy that values his time needs to know his schedule. When you set a meetup with your friends do you let them keep you up in the air? You basically subconsciously told this B that your time is not valuable and that she can reach out whenever she feels like it...
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    Why do I not find my wife attractive?

    He didn't find her attractive from the get go so no amount of f'ing her is going to do anything. When you are highly attracted to a girl her just sitting by you makes you little guy tingle. When people say looks don't matter are full of it and just settled. I am a firm believer that you need...
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    Whats a proper way to react to this...

    All this strategy crap is nonsense. Just thinking about a strategy to get a girl on a date a man has already lost. Men know your value. Keep it short and simple: Looks like your schedule is up in the air, maybe some other time then. Have a good rest of the week! This basically tells her I am...
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    Why do I not find my wife attractive?

    You never found her sexually attractive from the beginning. You likely settled because it was comfortable just like most people do thus the high divorce rate. Normally this happens to girls thus why they initiate most divorces as they settle because they are about to hit the wall. In your case...
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    When She Brings Up Other Guys in Conversation

    This is a typical test that most if not all girls do when you are dating. She is testing your confidence to see how you react so just be indifferent or she sees you as high value that other girls want so she is trying to pump up her value because she is insecure. Either way just be indifferent...
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    GHOST HER When She Treats You with Disrespect

    Agree with this. It is the takeaway in sales. You let her know that to reach out to you when she figures out her shat. You will be in the position of power then when she reaches out by either agreeing or disagreeing to go on a date. Funny thing is a lot of girls don't ever experience a guy...
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    Help me to understand, what was my mistake? (if I made one)

    From the sound of it you were too hung up on this one tinder hoooe, she felt you had no other options and thus lost interest. Be indifferent when you are dating and don't chase. When she went on her trip I would have never reached back out to her. She would have likely reached out to you. These...
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    Pep talk needed - GF cheated

    I was talking about blocking her number on your phone and on social media, some guys actually do that. I see no point in it. If you don't have self control to not respond if she reaches out to you then that guy needs to work on himself and learn his true value.
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    Woman gets mad and blocks me for not responding to a text in 5 minutes...LMAO

    I have a secret for you guys. Girls want guys they can control. If she has a hint that she cannot control you she will move on quick even if she found you really attractive. She will go after the loser she can control and eventually marry him. 5 years in she will lose attraction because the guy...
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    Pep talk needed - GF cheated

    I don't understand this crap when guys block girls. A real man with self control does not need to block anyone, he just removes them from his life.
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    Pep talk needed - GF cheated

    How did you find out?
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    Abundance allows you to honestly not give a sh!t...kind of funny interaction

    Guys do not realize the downside of leveling up in all aspects of your life is that you price out a lot of women. Most girls cannot handle a high value man. The more top tier a man gets the harder time he will have finding a quality long term relationship with a girl who is normal.
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    Abundance allows you to honestly not give a sh!t...kind of funny interaction

    Awesome read...the thing with your post is I have yet to meet a girl that can handle a guy with true abundance. Most girls will just become insecure and end up rejecting the guy