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  1. Sir FB

    FB's list of fine books

    I wanted to list the books I've listened to or read recently that have helped me with dating. Feel free to add to the list. Knowledge is power. Don't forget that we need to practice this stuff, not just read about it. No More Mr Nice Guy - Robert Glover Dating Essentials for Men - Robert...
  2. Sir FB

    Help me interpret this test

    This plate lives 100+ miles away. She was near me on an afternoon OLD date with another dude and stopped by afterward (no she didn't bang him). I convinced her to stay the night and bang, we had a great time together. I believe this is a no-no but we have each talked about our other's dates...
  3. Sir FB

    Abundance mindset on OLD

    Man I’ve learned a lot in three months. Last year this woman would have been dragging me around by the nose. Now if a woman doesn’t want to follow my lead, she’s not going to get much attention.
  4. Sir FB

    Integrity, words and actions with women

    So I've got this plate that lives 3 hours away. By "plate", I mean we smashed once a few weeks ago. Yesterday I find out she drove over 100 miles to my small town to go on a "date" and didn't contact me, despite me inviting her more than once. Our communications have been 7-10 days apart. I...
  5. Sir FB

    Woman seeking “connection”

    Help me out here fellas. I’m about to go on an overnight with a previous lay. This is an out of town date. She says on the phone while arranging that she’s not necessarily looking for LTR but wants a depth of connection more than just casual sex. My first reaction is simp, and that I want that...
  6. Sir FB

    Red pill stuck in throat - First post

    Greetings. Been reading here for about a week. I'm 54. Married 20 years, divorced 7. For six of the seven years I could not get laid to save my life. Went on a few dates, nothing ever materialized, scared AF, made all the huge beta mistakes. Then I started listening to audiobooks. I started...