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    Anyone else feel this way about this forum?

    This forum used to be a lot more about progress, successes, experiences and great banter about spinning plates and playing these bimbo bitches. Now it's a lot of whiny, self loathing, super critical nonsense. I've seen some really cringe contnet that makes me think this is not any place for "Don...
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    Do not tolerate disrespect from anyone (read the bold if its too much)

    One of the greatest lessons a man will ever learn in life is to not tolerate disrespect from anyone. Even people who you are close friends with. Now if you have a habit of "joking" around or clowning around with your friends, you can't suddenly expect them to change because you allowed it to...
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    Zoom Calls/ On on One Coaching

    I'm down to help anyone out with dating, zoom calls/ one on one coaching .. Not looking to charge anything as I don't really need the money. I just want to offer advice as someone who went from 1-2 plates and sex twice a month to having daily sex.. Even though as of a week or so I haven't been...
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    Message to all smaller dudes or minority dudes out there gaming women

    After reading quite a bit this year about the dating game and talking to people more about their dynamics with women, I've realized there are some dudes who want to know more about being an ethnic dude gaming women in America. One example being this dude I met from Canada who relocated to the...
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    Probably the last post I'm going to make on here. Pissed, crushed, confused, happy. I don't know what to feel.

    My main plate was acting quite weird the past 2 days... I was wondering what was up but left it alone like she's probably just wanting more attention or something.. but then this morning she didn't come through for some morning fun. I was honestly shocked so then I checked her instagram story...
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    What changed between me being an average joe to slaying baddies

    I was thinking today about how certain things about my attitude changed in the time that I went from getting laid once a week or once a month from some average girl I didn't even like much to banging baddies and getting ***** daily. Here's some of what those things are: 1) I used to really...
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    UPDATE: My homeboy I hooked up with an old slutty plate

    Short backstory: One of my boys was complaining lately about women alot, started kinda laying it on me because we sometimes tease him about not getting any snatch. he's had it hard on apps but has a little game.. used to be fine with women in the past but kinda hit a dry spell. So what I did was...
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    How to handle your friends who complain about you getting laid more than them

    Get them laid. I'm bout to pass an old plate to one of my homies who's lately been on my as.s about how I get laid alot because i'm "socially gifted" and have "good looks". He's been upset because he hasn't been having too much success on apps. Not sure why, I think it might just be his pics or...
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    These dudes would steal your chick

    Theres more but I really can't post them due to file size limits. Now before anyone thinks "yo wtf man this is some BULL.****!" heres why: 1) These dudes look good. Sorry, but when women want to have sex, they look for guys who have good physiques and nice faces. These dudes are soem...
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    Kicked a Tinder hoe out 10 minutes after she came through

    Just had some bad timing. Main plate showed up unannounced, got me a buncha food and sht. Luckily she texted me right when she was outside to make sure I was home and didn't walk in on me blasting this chick in a pretzel or something. My spidey senses kicked in, I looked at my phone which was...
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    Dudes that give themselves false excuses

    I noticed alot of dudes give themselves false excuses as to why certain things in their life aren't going well or if they're not performing well. My dude does this alot, he says **** like "man i didnt get enough sleep", "man its the artificial food coloring in the food i eat", "its because its...
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    Mindset is everything. Program your mind for success and let your actions do the rest

    If you can master having a good attitude and seeing everything in a positive light, then your failures just become stepping stones.. and then the challenge feels like fun, the nightmare situation you imagine becomes a fun adrenaline rush. But always do your best. I mean I can't stress that...
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    Put that work in, face the hardships because the otherside is beautiful

    We all reach a major mountain that we must climb in our lives. Some might reach it earlier in life, others later in life.. But just keep pushing through that ****. I've had a crazy rollercoaster of a life and things weren't always this good.. But, just keep going, it only gets better. You can...
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    Don't believe everything a woman says

    Was talking to some chick today online and she tried to make it seem like she really was sexually liberated and that she sleeps with all these guys because she really loves and enjoys sex. Seems like she was trying to convince me that shes some cool ass party girl who gets down alot. But today I...
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    Tinder adventures continue

    So theres been a lapse in my better judgement as I continue to meet girls from Tinder, unbeknownst to my main chick. Met a hot teacher today. Took her for coffee and donuts and chatted a bit about some fun things, concerts, other bullcrap.. didn't waste much time, took her home telling her I...
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    Never take a girl to the rodeo if you're not down to ride

    One of the worst things that you can do to a girl, is capture her attention and get her to the point where she's down to f-ck you and not give her the D_ck. Not only does this upset women, it also is how dude's lose women really quickly. For soem of you this may not make any sense so I'll...
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    Tell her what to do.

    When my main plate and I first started fuc.king I asked her what attracted her about me that she decided to see me so often. she said "I love how you tell me what to do and how to do it". I was like what do you mean? She basically likes all the little stuff i tell her to do. One of the first...
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    My latest Tinder sloot is a gem

    Latest Tinder sloot is a gem. Swallows, did my laundry for me and cooked me breakfast today. :) Not to mention, messaged me first. Funny how I used to think dating apps were trash till I actually went and made a Tinder myself.
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    Some insight from a female friend

    Well this is my girl's friend but might as well call her my friend since I know her too. Either way, we spoke about some things that brought up some good topics/insight. I don't really agree or disagree with any of these things, it just kind of came up and thats where it went based on something...
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    How can I motivate my friend K?

    K is one of my closest friends, if not one of my best friends. He's a great guy, good personality, knowledgeable, has some interests, some hobbies, and overall seems very well rounded. The only thing about him is he has some weird emotional issues. It's hard to tell from a far but anyone who...