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    Girl mentioned rape on first date! Should I run away ASAP?

    So I went on a date with this girl I been chatting to off a dating app for about a week or so. We met for coffee and went to the park for a walk and talk. She says to me that she feels safe and comfortable around me and it’s taken her quite a while to feel this way as her ex boyfriend raped her...
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    What makes you instantly left swipe on a girl you see on Tinder/Bumble/Hinge/Facebook Dating

    I know everyone has different standards, preferences and different things they’re looking for whether it’s a one night stand, regular friend with benefits, dating or potential long term relationships etc. These are my personal instant left swipes: 1) Ugly/unattractive women 2) fat/obese women...
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    YouTuber John Anthony Lifestyle claims to have slept with 1,300+ women! Who thinks he is legit?

    John Anthony had made lots of videos on calling out other PUA’s for being frauds including James Marshall from The Natural Lifestyles. He currently seems to be at war with Rich Cooper at the moment with them both calling each other out. He’s calling Rich a loser that got divorced and is a...
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    I find it very hard to meet women in real life or online that don’t want kids

    So my entire life I have never wanted kids and doubt I will ever change my mind seeing as I’m 36 now. I’m even considering getting a vasectomy soon. I did a lot of casual dating/sleeping around in my 20s and whilst I’m not looking to rush into anything serious, I do feel I’m at the stage of my...
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    If a girl told you she had slept with a LOT of men, would it put you off sleeping with her or dating/getting into a relationship with her?

    So I got chatting to a girl on Tinder yesterday and quickly moved to FaceTime to see if she wasn’t a catfish and ended up having a fun chat. She messaged today and one thing lead to another and the topic of sex came up. She’s 28 now and she said by the time she was 21 she had slept with 35...
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    After a year long dry spell, would you keep waiting to bang a hottie or would you settle with banging a ugly girl?

    Ok so the last time myself and my housemate both hooked up with girls was nearly a year ago at a Christmas house party on Christmas Eve! We hooked up with a couple hotties in Santa girl outfits. Since then due to Covid and all the social distancing (living in a small town in UK doesn’t help) we...
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    These are the girls I swipe left on on Tinder/Bumble! Am I being too picky?

    1. Single mums. I never want my own kids so why would I want to raise another man’s? Plus I have read countless articles/forum posts on here, girlschase etc that recommended you stay away. 2. Girls that are heavily tattooed/lots of body piercings. I’m cool with a girl having a little tattoo but...
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    YouTube PUA/Online dating channel PlayingWithFire said guys that turn down single mums are ret***s

    He said he can’t understand why so many guys in the PUA/online dating communities are so against dating single mums. He said there’s lots of hot I single mums out there on dating apps you could be dating/banging but guys instantly dismiss them because they are a mum. He said it’s crazy how a...