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  1. Sir FB

    How to overcome your addictions...

    Like Derby, I’m in 12 step recovery from drugs and alcohol. I can definitely relate to your experience. There was a period in my 30s where I was getting laid regularly and fapped to porn daily. Some folks can moderate their addictions, others need to abstain entirely. Once I began to get my...
  2. Sir FB

    Too soon to date?

    Took me 7 years post divorce to get where you are at. However, I was hobbled most of that time by blue pill programming. I eventually learned the mechanics of attraction and began to get laid but soon after that, I sat down and asked myself what I wanted. Turns out, I didn’t want to endlessly...
  3. Sir FB

    How to handle the silent treatment

    There's a chapter in "The Way of the Superior Man" about this. I also seem to remember similar advice from Corey Wayne. I'm summarizing (perhaps badly) here but as I remember it, try and get her to talk about it, over and over if necessary. The difficult part is not getting angry or running...
  4. Sir FB

    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    The man committed to self improvement will always look at his own shortcomings in these situations. He will evaluate what he did to lower the females attraction, take responsibility, and take steps to improve in the future. The lazy, short sighted man will blame the female rather than recognize...
  5. Sir FB

    The problem with the advice on SS

    I believe your comparison of this place to a hospital is uncannily accurate. It explains why the people who were active years ago no longer frequent the site. They got better, grew up, and moved on. I love the part of your story where you have given back to this community. In any organization...
  6. Sir FB

    Advice needed M34-F32

    You come in here with cactus spines in your ass. The friendly helpful members of this forum suggest to not wipe your ass with a cactus. Your reply is that you didn’t have any toilet paper so a cactus was your only option. If you’re not trolling, you’re certainly not very willing to listen to...
  7. Sir FB

    Emotional intimacy

    It seems to me that many folks here have a definition of a Don Juan that is a man who seeks physical intimacy with women while avoiding emotional intimacy at all costs. A “Charlie Sheen” character if you will. I’m listening to “Way of the Superior Man” again. I’m also in therapy, and in the...
  8. Sir FB

    IL too low from the get-go?

    This is f-ing brilliant.
  9. Sir FB

    Shifting Perceptions

    I had experiences with two women just before I began to learn about red pill. In both cases, I approached in a friendly way, hanging out, with no idea about how or when to escalate and no idea on how to look for signs of attraction. I tried to change my behavior with both these women after a...
  10. Sir FB

    Do you guys think having a nice car can get you a woman?

    You got a bed in that thing? :)
  11. Sir FB

    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    Do everything above exactly as he has suggested, it’s spot-on advice for the situation you are in.
  12. Sir FB

    Do you guys think having a nice car can get you a woman?

    You know the difference between a porcupine and a Mustang? . . . A porcupine has its pricks on the outside :rofl:
  13. Sir FB

    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    Let me see if I understand this. You think that double texting her your explicit message of “done with communicating until...” is a better way to get your point across than an implicit message of silence and distance at the first sign of low interest.
  14. Sir FB

    DonJuanjr's growing pains

    I’m pretty new at this so take it for what it’s worth...Double texting always comes across as needy. You just did it twice with this girl. Text once, if no reply, she is low interest. Move along. If she suddenly becomes high interest after a week of silence, then take her on a date. Pursuing...
  15. Sir FB

    Anyone else feel this way about this forum?

    <raises hand> I am in this category, and I've received a lot of help in here. Discussion forums will always be like this. I remember back in the early 90's on the usenet, before there were internet forums. There was always a bunch of fighting, name calling, and trolling going on. The signal to...
  16. Sir FB

    Tools to manage dopamine inputs

    What form of meditation are you practicing? I’ve studied and practiced Shamata and a bit of Vipassana in the past. There was a time I was doing 24 minutes most mornings. Thanks got the reminder on how important these practices are. Sometimes I get 10 minutes in now but it’s not very consistent.
  17. Sir FB

    How do you keep things alive with distance?

    I'm also in the beginning stages of a LDR and have zero experience. Thanks for posting those tips.
  18. Sir FB


    Smoking is on my dealbreaker list. That being said, I smoked for over 20 years, hand rollies, no filters. Quitting was one of the hardest things I ever did. I just could not leave them alone. I finally used Wellbutrin to get off them. I started again twice and finally put them down, hopefully...
  19. Sir FB

    Help me interpret this test

    This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for taking time to explain. She's warmed up considerably since the OP. I'm now getting daily texts and phone calls. The way this is beginning to play out looks like it might be 3 weekends a month, her coming here 2 and me going there 1. This is actually a...
  20. Sir FB

    I just got married and think I made a mistake...

    When I met my ex wife, I had a bankruptcy, an old pickup and an idea that I could start my own business. We used her waitress tax return to get a FHA loan on a cheap house. Neither one of us had any assets at all. We made a good team, she went to school and got a teaching degree, I grew my...