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  1. cola

    Side b*tch game.. for the experienced, accomplished men ..

    Do not judge. You have gone through the motions, been at this game for years and finally found a good, healthy LTR. But once in a while you crave another woman, yet at the same time have no interest in leaving your LTR. How would you go about it, how are the rules different? How would you...
  2. cola

    I’ve been working on me hardcore..

    Literally every aspect. Physical fitness, Finances, Mindfulnes, No fap, Seeking wisdom.. Meditation, My literal daily motivation to even exist for a while now is to improve myself however I can.. i say that to say, I walked into a “dance bar” tonight. Took a look around. The women, no morals...
  3. cola

    Do you think flaking on girls raises interest levels?

    Long story short, Told a chick we would meet for drinks and then it was already established she wanted to “taste me”, in her own words. The day came, and I never reached out or told her I’m on my way, the next day she asks what happened. The truth is I was at the dealership closing on a new...
  4. cola

    Body language refresher course..

    Chest up, chin high always. Never cover your genitals, ‘means your manhood feels threatened. Never look down, if you have the urge to look down look up. When walking head should be high to the point of almost absurdity. Chest poked out, shoulders back while taking deliberate moderately paced...
  5. cola

    So it’s been a few months , is COVID a bunch of bologna or still think it’s a real threat?

    ** please don’t derail this thread with bickering over opinions, we are all adults and are entitled to have our own opinions without insulting each other. So here’s my first hand experience with Covid so far: -Main girl is nurse, in hospital, on Covid unit taking care of Covid positives. She...
  6. cola

    Is this old adage true about the Vtaper shape?

    Is it true that for every one chest workout, you would want to do 2 back workouts?
  7. cola

    Anyone here cheap?

    I need to work on my frugality, who here is cheap and not afraid to admit it? What are some ways you save money? What are some things you see people buy that’s a complete waste of money? Why are you cheap? What’s the end goal?
  8. cola

    Don’t be so afraid of the friend zone..

    Short post today, at the car wash just thinking: I’ve had about six women who were adamant that we are “just friends” and eventually let me have no strings attatched sex with them. Had I followed common advice and did the whole song and dance about not needing more friends, it wouldn’t have...
  9. cola

    You can literally tell everything you need to know about a person based on how they drive..

    Aggressive: Swerves from lane to lane dangerously, often tailgates, no matter how fast you’re going in front of them it’s not fast enough they have to pass you, blows horn if you aren’t moving instantly when the light changes.. Classic type A personality. Person is emotionally immature, has a...
  10. cola

    Legislation to eliminate the 40 hr work week

    Why do we still have a 40 hour work week? Studies have shown that people who work 9 - 5 jobs actually only get about three hours of work done. 40 hours is 1/3rd of your time for five days a week. Covid has shown that with the exception of a few fields (healthcare, perhaps) an 8 hr workday with...
  11. cola

    Having a really hard time finding the motivation to work out during covid .. get me in gear fellas

    I hate running. I can not just go outside and run. My cardio used to be basketball but the gym is closed. During covid so far I’m ashamed to say I’ve gained 9 lbs. I occasionally muster the will to do some push ups.. I have the following work out equipment: Two 35 lb dumbbells and a single 75...
  12. cola

    Why you don’t get the respect at home you deserve or atleast think you deserve..

    The large untalked about reason why women aren’t fulfilling their gender roles is because we somehow got lost and stopped fulfilling ours. This post is geared towards men in LTRs or marriages who aren’t getting the respect they deserve or atleast think they deserve at home. 1.) You say you are...
  13. cola

    A stupid question about oil.. Don't judge me if this makes me sound like a moron

    So oil is at historic lows right? But we all know that's temporary. What's to stop a common man like me or you from buying oh let's say 1000 barrels of oil, storing them and flipping them in 6 months for potentially double? Assuming you had the land/space to store them?
  14. cola

    Ways to keep improving yourself during the corona virus:

    Work - Out: Here gyms are closed, but that’s not going to stop me. I’ve borrowed some dumbbells from my friend and I intend on using them along with body weight exercises four days a week just like usual. Read: Get your read on boys, let’s soak up this knowledge. I plan in reading The...
  15. cola

    Toilet paper rant:

    My main job is for a major energy drink company and my job is basically to get our product on as many shelf’s, in as many stores as I can. With that being said, I am in and out of the grocery store all day and my question is What the **** is wrong with Americans? Why toilet paper? I don’t...
  16. cola

    Let’s talk about marijuana

    Why is it that billy bob can get off a 10 hour shift and drink 12 coors beers and fall asleep in the tub but I can’t work the same 10 hours, do better work and take 2 tokes to mellow out when i get home without a random drug test being shoved down my throat? its so dumb, Thoughts?
  17. cola


    1. Vulgarity Being vulgar, crass is a habit of peasants. This isn’t noble. It’s not how a man carry’s himself. Refrain from excessive vulgarity. It makes you come off as a commoner. Speak positively. Speak life. Kind words of compassion. If you have no kind words, use no words. 2. Self...
  18. cola

    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    So I’ve wanted to post this thread for literally years! But never knew if it would violate forum terms, I think it would solve a ton of problems on this forum. I think some of us aren’t getting the results we want because your look needs a little tweaking, we are all diamonds in the rough. So...
  19. cola

    The hard truth many of you need to hear: 8 reasons you aren’t successful with women.

    Why you aren’t doing well on OLD/Bars/Social Circle: 1.) You are over weight. Being a fat guy puts you right at the bottom. It’s one of the worst things you can be. While there are some chicks who dig fat guys you are severely limiting yourself by being overweight and or having a large...
  20. cola

    Read this with an open mind: Legalizing prostitution could fix everything.

    Sexless marriages: Wife’s would suddenly enjoy sex again if they knew that you could stop at “Colas Brothel” on the way home and get a sloppy wet blow job Divorce rate: Many men marry just for the sex, just like many women marry for the stability. Let’s be honest, about 70% of non red pill guys...