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  1. cola

    How do you approach women without chasing them?

    After you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll be able to smile and say hi, and get the vibe from her response if she’s interested. I can’t explain it, it’s like a sixth sense you develop.
  2. cola

    No Social Circle, What Are My Options?

    Go loner style bro. Well dressed, handsome man sitting at bar by himself enjoying a drink .. girls will come up to you, I promise. The key is well dressed& handsome.
  3. cola

    Tik Tok is the most toxic social media app by far

    Disdain for what you can’t have. If it was women who were 2’s on there you wouldn’t care.. But because its dime pieces on there that you know wouldn’t give you the time of day it bothers you
  4. cola

    See boys status number one and alpha male Vladimir Putin sexiest man in Russia.

    I mean Putin is by far the richest man in the world, some estimates say he could possibly have double the money Bezos has so, no one actually knows how much money he has .. so there’s that.
  5. cola

    I feel like women’s standards are too high

    What women want changes on an almost daily basis. Monday she wants some simp to buy her dream house and pay for her dream wedding and work himself to death so she can be a housewife doing nothing all day and spending his money. Friday she wants Danny the town bad boy who survives off petty...
  6. cola

    Gym game: if your cardio is on point, women will give you that look of wh0rish lust

    I will say that since I started doing a 25-30 minutes of cardio after each weight lifting session I have rock hard porno star erections. I was never “small” but now my boner is intimidating. I wouldn’t do more than that though, scared I’ll eat muscle.
  7. cola

    Female Coworker Playing Games?

    You do know that her having a boyfriend has nothing to do with you having sex with her if you want right? You honestly probably could have pulled her back to your place after you went for drinks. Now if you care about this job, like need it to survive.. I wouldn’t bang her. However, if this is...
  8. cola

    It's clear that the Asian message-parlor mass-killing was an incel-killing

    Every mass shooting in this country seems to be committed by an incel.
  9. cola

    How important are a man's clothes?

    If you search I have a real life picture thread with better pictures of me, one of them you can even see a little bit of a d*ck print.. since you like rating guys looks. Might as well get a full scope of things. Broke a$$ boy..
  10. cola

    Do Men Still Pay For Dates

    unpopular opinion: men pay for dates unless she volunteers and that doesn’t mean she owes me sexual favors afterwards.. if she is at the bar and I want her and she’s drinking her next drink is on me .. you guys can flame away but this is what men do when they want a woman, p*ssy ain’t free...
  11. cola

    How important are a man's clothes?

    Bro, if nicer clothes, cologne, and financing something better than a Nissan Sentra will send you into “massive debt” you don’t need to worry about women right now..
  12. cola

    How important are a man's clothes?

    Extremely important, it’s probably the most underrated aspect of appearance on this forum. Invest in quality designer clothes, that fit well. It’s a must. Top shelf cologne is also a must. If you are hung up on cost, remember it’s better to have two pairs of $200 jeans then 10 pairs of $20...
  13. cola

    NoFap Challenge

    I’m on permanent no fap .. I don’t hunt I don’t eat. Life changing.
  14. cola

    Do Whites Age Poorly?

    The guy in the ops pic didn’t take care of himself he let himself get fat and unhealthy. If you take care of yourself you’ll age fine no matter the race.
  15. cola

    Why Women are So Arrogant on OLD

    Really? I see it ALL the time. Literally every time I go out. Perhaps not alone, but i see pairs and groups of 3-4. All you need is a wingman.
  16. cola

    Why Women are So Arrogant on OLD

    Still don’t understand why any man would make OLD his primary source for women when there are so many women at bars just sitting there for the taking .. OLD should be something you use while sitting on the toilet to pass time and if you get laid a couple times a year from it, great! If not who...
  17. cola

    Minimal texting early on

    Flattered, thanks homie.
  18. cola

    Being Funny Around Girls Doesn't Get You Laid

    You don’t want to be the “funny” guy per say. You want to be the clever, witty guy. The trouble with the “funny guy” archetype is when over played you end up looking like a clown.