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  1. MatureDJ

    Chick admits on call-in show that she sometimes sexes up men after a week, sometimes only after 3 months

    my opinion: I'd bet that if she married the 3-month schlub, she'd say she made him wait because she wanted to be serious with him. :rolleyes: :mad:
  2. MatureDJ

    Ideal Tit Size - According to Men

    I could t!ttap that.
  3. MatureDJ

    Do you believe the cancel cultures will go after old movies?

    There is something to be said about the idea that prior to the 14th Amendment (1868), USA citizenship had never really been legally defined, and so it would be natural to consider the several States in defining it themselves, and thus having one's allegiance to his State was the proper course of...
  4. MatureDJ

    Do you believe the cancel cultures will go after old movies?

    I have always wondered why UNLV chose the Confederate mascot; it was always a Union state (heck it became a state only 6 months or so before the war was over). OTOH, for Ole Miss (U of Mississippi), the mascot was as perfect as it could be.
  5. MatureDJ

    Do you think Justine Bateman has hit The Wall?

    YIKES! :eek: :eek: https://time.com/5953951/justine-batemans-aging-face-and-why-she-doesnt-think-it-needs-fixing
  6. MatureDJ

    Ideal Tit Size - According to Men

    I am very glad that there are a lot of men that think like you - it keeps down the competition with men such as myself that think that natural is the only thing that counts (although if the operation is done so exquisitely that I couldn't tell the difference, I might bite, and this would...
  7. MatureDJ

    Ideal Tit Size - According to Men

    Aren't you therefore saying that you don't approach the Stacy because you figure your chances are higher with the Becky? :rolleyes: You're doing the same thing that chubby chasers do, albeit nowhere near the magnitude.
  8. MatureDJ

    Ideal Tit Size - According to Men

    Yes, Mother Nature would make form follow physics, and large breasts require a sturdy frame.
  9. MatureDJ

    Ideal Tit Size - According to Men

    You must be a fan of Petra Verkaik. :cool:
  10. MatureDJ

    Ideal Tit Size - According to Men

    All things being equal, I like them completely natural and rather large. I'd probably choose a larger version of Sweet Potatoes. I once had a gal with Coat Hooks, and I found them a bit funky; that said, there is a style which is like Coat Hooks but a bit smaller and without the climbing...
  11. MatureDJ

    Do you guys think a 40 year old can get with a woman in her 20s?

    I'd have to borrow Doc Brown's DeLorean and visit my age-39 self and ask how he was doing with his age-19 girlfriend. :rolleyes:
  12. MatureDJ

    The Future of dating and why men are even more screwed than now

    Having spent some time in both places, I can say definitively (although dated by many years) that the poontang situation in Phoenix is better than in SoCal, although I wouldn't call it a "poon paradise" necessarily (I have Eastern Europe as an ultimate reference :cool: , and I defy anyone to...
  13. MatureDJ

    I have been playing the guitar for years and am really good, how specifically can I use this to get more women?

    You need to play in a band in front of a crowd. The pay will be sheet, but you wouldn't be doing it for the pay. If you get in front of enough of a crowd, eventually there will be some gals who will be interested - how attractive they will be in the '20s, I have no idea, but with the level of...
  14. MatureDJ

    Do you believe the cancel cultures will go after old movies?

    Indeed, now there are Transjedi! :down: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/star-wars-announces-trans-non-212255687.html
  15. MatureDJ

    Do you believe the cancel cultures will go after old movies?

    Nah, just pick up a little Russian and go to ruttacker.org, where internet piracy lasts forever. :cool:
  16. MatureDJ

    Wow, Prince Charles got rejected by a tranny-looking gal before moving on to Diana

    I was reading this, and I got shocked: https://www.mamamia.com.au/prince-charles-amanda-knatchbull/ my opinion: If I had to guess tranny or not tranny, I'd go with tranny with this one: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  17. MatureDJ

    article: Disillusionment: It’s What’s Killing Middle-Aged Dating

    https://psiloveyou.xyz/disillusionment-its-what-s-killing-middle-aged-dating-5028dd607cf5 my opinion: These harridans are complaining that the men they are meeting are not willing to put up with nearly as much BS in a woman as when they were young; they don't realize that the whole reason they...
  18. MatureDJ

    article: On Dating at Middle Age: Where Are All the Grown-Up Men?

    https://psiloveyou.xyz/on-dating-at-middle-age-where-are-all-the-grown-up-men-e8f4c1a750c1 my opinion: Men who have dropped their standards down to the level of harridans just figure that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel, so what's the point?
  19. MatureDJ

    NoFap Challenge

    Are you a French Canadian? It would explain why you speak English but speak French better. Also, what city in Russia are you in? I go to St. Pete (although with COVID, I'm back home in the United SaturatedFats of America until Russia opens up again :mad:).