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  1. Hank Moody

    Straight from the Horse's Mouth....

    All you guys here that are new to the game....listen up. When we say that women are super manipulative and deceiving, we mean it. Don't wanna believe it? Listen to the 304 at the beginning of this video -
  2. Hank Moody

    Boise, Idaho

    If any of you guys are ever in the Boise area, hit me up.
  3. Hank Moody

    8 Ways to Handle a C0ckblock

    This is an old video from JT Tran about exactly what to do to handle the douchey guy that won't leave your girl alone.
  4. Hank Moody

    Video: Masculinity in 2021

    I said in another thread that Kid Cudi performed on SNL this past Saturday while wearing a dress. Here's a new video talking about - Masculinity in 2021
  5. Hank Moody

    When She Brings Up Other Guys in Conversation

    How do you guys handle her bringing up other guys randomly in conversation? Keep in mind, you and her are just casually dating. Nothing serious. No commitment. No exclusivity. I always take it as she's looking for a reaction, and to see if she can get me jealous, so I always just say...
  6. Hank Moody

    Don't Be a Basic Bro

    Does anyone here possess any of these attributes?
  7. Hank Moody

    "I Don't Think This Is Gonna Work Out"

    ....when she tells you this, your only response is - "Alright, cool." ^ That is how Alphas handle this comment from her. Dudes with a true Abundance mindset answer this way. You guys know (or should know) that this is a test. She's finding out what you're really made of. Are you gonna...
  8. Hank Moody

    You Have To Feed Her Scraps

    Every now and then, you have to validate her. Every now and then, you have to make her feel special. Every now and then, you need to take her on a nice date. This doesn't make you a simp. This ensures that she'll stick around and keep trying to make you happy. I could ramble on and on...
  9. Hank Moody

    Guys, Please Stop Using LOL

    You're a grown @ss man. Not a teenage girl. That's all.
  10. Hank Moody

    The Dangers of....

    The dangers of skipping leg day are real, gentlemen. Don't do it. I could've put this in Health and Fitness, but this has to be seen by as many of you as possible. I see dudes like this ALL the time walking around. I swear, guys go to the gym and just work out the upper half of their bodies.
  11. Hank Moody

    GHOST HER When She Treats You with Disrespect

    A YTer I follow posted a video about this subject about a week ago. Good advice. But it got me thinking...all of the 'dating advice' and 'Red Pill' gurus out there...it seems like they all read SoSuave. I have not come across one single video from any of these guys that's about a subject we...
  12. Hank Moody

    Elliott Hulse: When Bustin' Nuts Goes Bad

    This video's about 10 minutes long. It's a good watch.
  13. Hank Moody

    This is Different: Condoms w/ Tattoo Designs

    This company sells condoms with ribbed tattoo designs on them. https://www.onecondoms.com/products/tattoo-touch-condom-12-pack?variant=31317433286738
  14. Hank Moody

    First Date Report: Hot Tub with Rebecca

    Last week, met a HB 7.5 named Rebecca. I was pretty straightforward with her from our first message - Me: I like your style Rebecca (horns up emoji) Her: Hi Hank! Not so bad yourself. How's your weekend been? Me: Got some work done. Hung with some friends. Soaked in the jacuzzi. Her...
  15. Hank Moody

    David Spade @ The Roast of Rob Lowe

    David Spade is one of the funniest guys I've ever seen. This is hilarious.
  16. Hank Moody

    There's Another Guy in the Picture...

    How do you proceed with her when you feel there's another guy in the picture?
  17. Hank Moody

    Slipping into a Funk. Big Time.

    I'm on my grind. In the gym a few times a week. Meeting new women. But... Cannot get this girl out....of....my....head. We still mutually follow each other on IG, and seeing her new posts are starting to get to me. I'm really weak with this one. I'll be doing fine, but then every week...
  18. Hank Moody

    Russell Brand: Game Breakdown

    Russell Brand is one of the most effortless, natural communicators I've ever seen. This video of an appearance on MSNBC breaks down what he does, and how he does it.
  19. Hank Moody

    Video: Incels Everywhere are Upset with Red Pill Community

    Apparently, Incels are now saying they're practicing 'Semen Retention.' They're upset with the Red Pill community for calling them out on this. Look at this guy. He's got Incel written all over him. These dudes are something else, man. Not to worry, fellas. At 16:10, he tells us how to get...
  20. Hank Moody

    'Gaming' Intellectual Girls

    For some reason, it's a total mindfvck to me to loosen up a 'brainy, intellectual' type girl. Don't ask me why. For example, last night, this girl from Hinge asked me how my Sunday was. Told her 'Got some work done. Hung with friends. Relaxed in the jacuzzi.' Just now she messages back 'I'm...