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    How to make the best of it (current situation)

    Sometimes isolation (with focus) can yield great rewards and have far ranging beneficial effects.
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    Psychedelics and Coronavirus

    Interesting perspective and food for thought: “No matter how complex a question I may have, when I take it to psychedelics I always receive an answer. So when the Coronavirus pandemic kicked into high gear, I brought the subject to my trusted mentor Ayahuasca to be illuminated. In the...
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    Fed and Repo

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    Got Banter?

    Hey hey, Looking for some inspiration for banter ideas when girls post selfies on social media. Openers that seed follow-ups as like boxing combos preferred. Principals encouraged. Whatcha got?
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    Is there a block feature on this forum.

    In addition to ignore, used when one doesn’t want to see another user’s post, Is there a block feature in this forum where: if userB has been blocked by userA, userB would not be able to see userA’s posts?
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    The Spanish Flu’s Second Wave vs

    If history is to repeat itself, this first wave is preparatory drill for the most likely second wave in the fall. Mods, please delete any political commentary so that just verifiable facts can be collated on health best practices and risks. Thanks...
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    My friends hot girls are showing interest

    Been in the ‘community’ since ‘06. Mostly solo but have now built a pretty tight friend circle that has been age seasoned. My bro’s are important to me more so than any woman but recently I’ve noticed some things with their ladies. One has a bunch of poly sweetie’s the other in a ltr. I’ve...