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  1. death_wish. .

    what do you want out of the situation?

    i used to be a cool , easy going guy. i didn't like to rock the boat much and i sometimes had a problem speaking up or asking for things i wanted. to make things much worse , i would often go along with things i didn't like out of fear of confrontation, or that i would be worse off .... so i...
  2. death_wish. .

    any good hard rock aggresive songs/playlist for workouts? please share

    lookin for some good hard rock to push the weights while listening to
  3. death_wish. .

    Insane rites of passage into Manhood from around the world

    https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/male-rites-of-passage-from-around-the-world/ any men on the forum who have undergone a symbolic or similiar rite of passage into manhood please share your experience
  4. death_wish. .

    cuckold fantasies .. why do other men fantasize about watchin their wife get taken in front of them?

    has anyone here ever had a fantasy of their wife getting ****ed in front of them , or know that she cheating and don't care if she cheats ?? actually encourages it ? if so what drives this? im curious because i could never understand it...
  5. death_wish. .

    AMOG alpha male other guy or alpha male of group .. defensive tactics

    has anyone ever heard of being amog'd alpha male'd by another guy ? from what i see these guys pretty much go on smear campaigns to break you down in order to reach a higher social status than you . name calling, jokes that cross the line, blatant disrespect, talking behind your back anybody...
  6. death_wish. .

    zoom sessions- tap in

    anybody down to link up on zoom and have sessions? if so tap in here
  7. death_wish. .

    ''dumbest'' cheating sign ever.

    an old saying back in the day was if you get accused of cheating it means the other person was cheating , or if you accuse it means you're cheating... could this just be something women came up with when their man started to catch on to them?i just dont understand the logic behind this
  8. death_wish. .

    my 4 signs of manipulation

    these are my 4 signs of manipulation i wanted to post this for all my young guys out there Any Don Juan in general , feel free to add to the list i wanna know what you think 1. trying to hug or cuddle you when they see they have done something wrong or during an argument - dont let her rub on...