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  1. Exil

    I can't *** from sex at the moment...

    Hi gents. This is a strange one for me. So I've been seeing a few girls lately and one of them has become my main plate. Started sleeping with her around early December and for some reason, I just can't *** from sex with her. She's a very attractive girl, easily an 8 but she's got a totally...
  2. Exil

    Getting stuck in a rut

    Gents. Some of you will know my situation from a previous post so for others that don't I'll be brief. I've now moved out of my family home and got a house share with two young, semi-hot women after finding out that my wife and mother of my children had been texting and meeting up with a guy she...
  3. Exil

    Being a hero

    Morning gents. I really need some advice. This is a strange one and I don't really know how to word it. My ex has managed to acquire herself a simp stalker on Instagram who's turned quite possessive and weird over the last couple of days. I know who the guy is and he has a history of violent...
  4. Exil

    Using a woman financially

    Hi gents. This isn't something I've ever come across before. As some of you will know, I'm still quite new to the red pill and wanted to ask a question about one of my friends. He's the same age as me (34) and has three children with his ex. They broke up about 6 months ago and he's just...
  5. Exil

    I just left my family

    Advice please gents. I've just left my now-ex of 10 years and two daughters and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about it. She "emotionally" cheated in February and we've been living separately inside our house during lockdown but I've finally had enough of her moodiness, sh1t tests and...