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    Would you date someone with an eating disorder (ED)?

    Recently I had a relationship end after quite some time, the girl pressed me for commitment and I said I could only do that if she recovered from her ED 99%+. She said this was fair, but decided she wanted to start dating other people. Thing is, I really loved this girl, and it was quite...
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    Why must you "walk a girl home"?

    So recently I was out with my girlfriend and after the night was over everything was great, no worries. Subsequently, I noticed my bus was leaving soon and she said it was ok for me to go get it. I realized 10 seconds after I ran off that I should have walked her to her bus because she was...
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    Girlfriend too demanding? Or am I a ****?

    Hi, So recently my girlfriend and I went out to a party. Afterwards we went home and due to the fact I live closer I got home first. The thing is, it was late and I went to sleep, but the girl would have really appreciated it if I had stayed up to make sure she got home safe, as she lives in...