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Recent content by zentraveller

  1. Z

    Montreal, Canada

    1. Montreal, Canada Freezing cold in the winter, although some people like the winter (not sure who). Montreal is one of the most multicultural, cosmopolitian city in the world, which can help explain the abundance of beautiful women, diverse restaurants, & a awesome nightlife. And plus they...
  2. Z

    Up to date : The Uk.

    Hmmm.... I have to ask. Is there a university city in England, that's medium to large in size, and known for its friendly locals, pretty city environment, and beautiful women? I've noticed a tendency amongst UK guys to really persecute their own women in terms of looks, weight, and...
  3. Z

    Up to date : The Uk.

    I read Leeds was voted UK's favorite city. Is it a pleasant place to visit, and how are the women?
  4. Z

    Up to date : The Uk.

    The talent is Manchester seems outstanding! www.tilllate.com
  5. Z

    One sentence tip that I find valuable

    "Let me show you the world through my eyes"
  6. Z

    Pickup Artist Mystery on Elle Magazine

    Keep in mind. He's playing for the reporter IMO. This is HOLLYWOOD, where you play an angle, a niche, and try to ride it to your moment of fame. You don't think thoughts are swirling in his mind about "getting discovered"? It comes off better if he pushes the "I'm looking for love angle"...
  7. Z

    Pickup Artist Mystery on Elle Magazine

    I think there's a lot of senseless hating on this board. The guy has literally picked up hundreds (thousands?) of women, and can do it essentially ON COMMAND at the toughest venues in Los Angeles. I don't care if his techniques are re-hashed psychological principles or if he's making...
  8. Z

    Any DJs from Manchester, England?

    Just curious if there's anyone from Manchester. I was curious if the city is an industrial wasteland or a Northern "hot spot". I keep getting both stories. Thoughts on the HBs there would always be appreciated as well.
  9. Z

    Pickup Artist Mystery on Elle Magazine

    I heard reading Elle magazine makes you more Alpha, so I bought a lifetime subscription last month. :D
  10. Z

    Pickup Artist Mystery on Elle Magazine

    Having gone out to nightclubs and gone home dejected on many a nights, I for one want to see what the Mystery man is all about. I don't think I'll necessarily copy by rote his techinques and material though. I think it's preferable to let things sink in and "come out" naturally when you most...
  11. Z

    Pickup Artist Mystery on Elle Magazine

    http://www.elle.com/article.asp?article_id=5820&section_id=36&page_number=1&magind=5790 So what do you guys think? And try to keep the mindless hatin' to a minimum. Just constructive criticism/comments.
  12. Z

    Up to date : The Uk.

    Just curious. What are the top 3 cities in the UK known for its HBs?
  13. Z

    Latvian chicks

    Winston Wu has been beaten, robbed, conned, manipulated, chased, ridiculed, ostracized, and humiliated multiple times on his"Russian pvssy adventure." Yet he still prefers Eastern Europe to the U.S. because the possibility of gold-digging pvssy remains available to him (under the illusion...
  14. Z

    races... guys and girls view differently?

    Keep in mind when you throw around terms like "white women" and "asian guys" that these American racial "dynamics" are FAR DIFFERENT in other countries of the world.
  15. Z

    Here is a video of an Alpha Male in action

    I think it's clear Wiggadude isn't getting much action and has some pent up frustration. :D