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    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    Have you ever seen a guy who is naturally good with women while not being good-looking? I did. "Game" doesn't work as well as people claim. But how you treat women and how good you are at social situations makes a BIG difference. When you truly stop giving a ****, when you truly start to...
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    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    How do you like this guy? Six-packs, handsome face, nice muscles. He got 4,3/10 on photofeeler. If you are too lazy to insert the word in google then there is no even room for discussion, lol. In comparison, you can check how this slightly fat guy got 9,4/10...
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    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    It has nothing to do with blackpill, lol. It has everything to do with feminism and #metoo and with how pickup is represented in media. It is just more profitable to earn money in the self-improvement segment nowadays. Another reason is that there are way too many former clients who weren't...
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    This is why I am a male chauvanist

    It seems you are missing something. Women love to be dominated because it helps them in sexual selection. It has nothing to do with intellect. Also, guess what. There are enough men who love to be dominated in sex as well. Those are just sexual preferences. Using the sexual preferences of women...
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    This is why I am a male chauvanist

    Sorry to tell you this, but even if, on average, men are smarter than women, it doesn't mean that any man is smarter than any woman. Just lol. Believe me, there are probably millions of women who are vastly superior to you in terms of intellect. The individual differences between people are much...
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    How to get from 20 years old virgin to successful DonJuan?

    Your problem is not porn. You can watch porn and still take action. The first thing you should do is to lose your virginity and stop glorifying sex. It isn't much better than masturbation, especially before you actually became good at it. If getting hookers is legal in your country then by all...
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    Natural Attraction vs Generated Attraction

    What do you mean "lines"? Being horny is a physiological reaction. Women became horny when you touch them or when they see diсk. Even if you are ugly. A man could have some difficulties getting aroused if a woman is unattractive. He wouldn't even have a boner. It is different for women. As long...
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    Natural Attraction vs Generated Attraction

    You are missing a big point. Fat chick still could get many guys as long as she is attractive enough to get them horny. And for women, it works the same way, except it is much easier to get a woman horny for you (if you know how) and it is much less related to your physical attractiveness...
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    Read this with an open mind: Legalizing prostitution could fix everything.

    It wouldn't solve the problem because that men need isn't really sex, but rather the proof that they can attract women. In most countries with illegalized prostitution it still exists and it is still legal for guys to **** hookers. Punishment for being a hooker is usually laughable. In my...
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    Out of 300 males/females, 240 women have had sex via Tinder, while less than 50 men have

    My opinion - bs, there is no way 50 men out of 300 have had sex on Tinder. More like 15 men out of 300. :cool: Just joking, in reality it means that 35 out of those 50 men ****ed the bottom, the ugliest and fattiest out of 240 of those women. All the hotties were ****ed by the top 15 men.
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    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    I have read the forums and no one, I mean no one, was able to **** even 20 girls in a year using pheromones. Based on what I have read there is a small percentage of women who will react strongly to pheromones, but only in a very special situation when you already close to each other and she can...
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    Find your leauge and play in it.

    Telling a girl how cool you are is a low value. Crying to a girl about how ****ty your life is a low value as well. If you are coming from the high-value frame, then you can tell her whatever you want, you can tell her that you living in your parent's basement and that you are a virgin, it...
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    Check out what my tinder date says today hours before our date

    You should have told her to come to your place directly and take a shower there. "It's cool, I have a very nice shower here at my place, you can come here." If she is interested she would do it. If not, well, whatever. The point of Tinder "date" isn't an actual date, but to make her come to your...
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    Find your leauge and play in it.

    There is indeed a "social status" league, but there is no such thing as "looks league". A college student girl from a poor family can be more physically attractive than a fitness model. And guess what? She, most likely, will **** other guys from her college, guys without status, money or...
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    22 yr old NHL player hits on Anna Kendrick on twitter

    Lol. She is probably ten times more wealthy than him and you ask why should he chase her? She is ****able and wealthy. If you were given a choice to bang her you would be like "ah, not interested, too old"? Just lol.