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Recent content by wakeliquid

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    LOL dudes trying to make passes at my girl...in front of me.

    Getting pissed shows insecurity on your part, bottom line. Don't act like you don't care at all, but act like you KNOW that he isn't gunna get your girl. Be as friendly as you like. Damn, I was spades partners with a guy who was after my girl at a place once. We got along just fine. He said...
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    moving IN?! -A scary situation-

    Yeah, the thing is that I don't really have the option of staying at my parents home. I need to find a good roomate search place
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    moving IN?! -A scary situation-

    Alright guys, I'm having to move out of my parents house extremely soon. I can't afford much, as I am a student and only work part time. The only place I've been able to find to live is with my girlfriend. It is a really good deal, but I have this fear of living with her. I'm the type of person...
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    Why do you have a girlfriend?

    had one.. didn't want a relationship, but i got into it cause she wasn't dumb or crazy, and we got along really well.. good lay too..... anyway, she ****ed around on me so i dropped her as and we're just **** buddies now...
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    Don Juans & Single Mothers

    well guys, i may be screwed then.
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    Hah, that's hilarious man. She doesn't give half a **** if I have a kink or not. However, I know she does, so I need to search to put my finger on it, or come up with something to get it out of her.
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    A girl wants me to have a kink, I can't think of any large kinks. I'd try anything once. Any suggestions on a way to excite a girl like this? She has her kinks, but won't tell them to me until I find a large one of my own?! Confusing stuff.
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    How do I get a religous girl? experts

    I was actually with a really religious chick like that in the past.. I had known her for a long time though, so it wasn't like it was hard to talk to her. Anyway, the thing I noticed about her is that she wasn't against getting intimate, in the way a guy would like to. She just didn't want to...
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    remind me that I don't care to live in europe..
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    How to ATTRACT women......Part III

    i'm the second, good post. Makes a lot of sense when you explain the difference between those who are shy and those who aren't.
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    The first time [sex related]

    that's why the condom is there... you can finish off there.. doesn't matter as long as you put it on right... just make sure you're good and out before taking it off. -- Head with condom is a bad idea.
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    The Pickup Review 1

    good work captain, *salutes*.. good post.
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    The first time [sex related]

    just don't get incredibly excited in your head too early, so much of lasting is mental. As far as masturbation before hand, I have no idea, maybe it works. Basically, don't "try" to get off like you do when alone, if you know what I mean. Rather just do it, slow down to let off some steam...
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    Should I still ask her out?

    i still don't see why you haven't asked her out.. if you are secure with who you are, she should and probably will like that.
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    Girl Help!

    No, that wasn't random, that was applicable.