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Recent content by Von

  1. Von

    Whats The Safest Way Of Having Sex With CV19 Around?

    Your hand is your safest partner
  2. Von

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    I going back to university to get a Business Intelligence degree, with as much coding class as possible (python, excel, c#, html, css)... I want to combine my finance background with my love of technology and innovations. Also, I am working on making some youtube videos for fun. I've bought a...
  3. Von

    Success Journal - The journey to actualising one's potential

    Dude, I just did the same for the same reasons!
  4. Von

    Never have I ever - Netflix TV-show

    Great game to pick up chicks in a bar... No idea about the show
  5. Von

    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    There a joke in the law field. A lawyer = federal judge B lawyer = corporate judge C lawyer = making all the money
  6. Von

    Getting Employment with Low-ish College GPA?

    I really needed this post. I've quit my business/finance job. Now looking to do a accouting degree and learn coding.. Work in Institutional Finance or Video Game design/production.
  7. Von

    Perfect is boring (a conversation with two girls)

    He who seeks perfection is by definition bound to be alone!
  8. Von

    Smiling dating app-killer acquitted

    Manslaughter from my legal memory... it's murdering without intention (basically an accident). To be charged with murder.. You need the action and the intent. Here the intent wasn't confirmed. So she get manslaughter... a typical case " murder due to mental health". She might leave prison...
  9. Von

    Alpha male strategies on YouTube.

    How to be a MAN
  10. Von

    COVID is a lie.

    covid is just a lie.. A friend of a friend at 31 died of it and we never saw him again. Covid is just a lie...A family friend of 30 years passed away alone in his long-term care house at 85 years old. His widow of 60 years couldn't assist to his "incineration" and his kids/family denied access...
  11. Von

    Sister died unexpectedly and mom expects me to make payments on her mortgage with money she left me.

    In that case, it's your bank account. Not a US legal lawyer or knowledgable on Texas rules. But in Quebec-Canada... your mom responsible for the house now at 100%. She should use the Covid19 mortgage deferrals from the US government. This deferrals would stop the mortgage payment for a while...
  12. Von

    Sister died unexpectedly and mom expects me to make payments on her mortgage with money she left me.

    1. Get a contract 2. If you pay the house mortgage, you get that money back + mortage interest You need to have it written/law approved in front of lawyer+notary. Estate are complicated. Also, your sister bank account should have been frozen due to her death. How did you get access to her...
  13. Von

    Getting in to fighting shape in your 40s. Is it detrimental to your direction and goals (women)?

    Age might be catching... but why not just work on maintaining your shape instead of growing it. Do 3 series to 6 series of the same exercice but lower the weight or the reps. What I meant: If you benchpress.... 200 lbs with 3 reps.... do 10 reps at 100 lbs instead.... if you do 1 set of 60...
  14. Von

    Health insurance is a scam for young people

    Thé USA health insurance system is a scam. Thanks the républican who screwed obamacare and Obama who launched it no matter what. At least Canada made alot of $$ on supplying the suppliers (IT systems,website,insurance company) Thé USA pay the most for health care. My Canadian system cost me...