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Recent content by Vantagepoint34

  1. Vantagepoint34

    “I Want a Boyfriend”

    Monogamy is a. Reality Inn human relationships
  2. Vantagepoint34

    Beauty paegent queen

    https://www.hi5.com/profile.html?uid=5784289357#fpt=0&fpa=pic This is before a paegent queen for miss universe did her plastic surgery. Thoughts. Kim K 's of the world appreciate going under the knife.
  3. Vantagepoint34

    Carson vs. Elizondo

    Elizondo was a cool guy like from twenty years back. Based on a lot of things he became like a figure on History channel. Oak Island has found a lot of historical evidence. This week Carson came out and said stuff about life in space. Anyone have any thoughts on representative carson. Elizondo...
  4. Vantagepoint34

    It costs $250 to clean my 2 bedroom home.

    Escort listing were taken down in a big bust a few years back. Craigslist is still wide open with cleaning services and baby sitters ;-)
  5. Vantagepoint34

    Leadership: predictability of a leader

    You can't trust a leader. Check notes or past movies like death of stalin. Or let alone look up wikipedia of Leon Trotsky and see his brushes with the red Army. We're not out of the woods
  6. Vantagepoint34

    It costs $250 to clean my 2 bedroom home.

    You picked them up on professional network. Like angieslist?
  7. Vantagepoint34

    Any US Civil War Enthusiasts?

    Back in 2009 as enthusiest as I get. I walked into an old New York book store. There they had the original memoirs of Uysses S. Grant for $200 . Did not buy but opted to go to the museum in New York. Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant. There I bought civil war trumpet. Kept thinking I didn't need Memoirs...
  8. Vantagepoint34

    Any US Civil War Enthusiasts?

    I presently watch the docummentary from History over and over again. Because book on Ulysses S Grant is valued at 200 dollar. Easier to watch the History doc titled Grant. Oh this is off topic but I recommend Netflix vikings Vallhala. As good as any civil war docummentary...
  9. Vantagepoint34

    How do I come up with $3000 in 2 weeks?

    believe it or not your local casino. top dollar alone has potential payout of 3000. All you have to do is probably top up. You would have to start with 1500. Not impossible.
  10. Vantagepoint34

    father's side-effect from covid-vaccine

    This is not auschwitz wallach
  11. Vantagepoint34

    2 girls in one day

    Haha. 2 girls with one guy ok. 24hr wait period I like to use a "fashionista". Most of those girls go five years almost for free in a hotel. Leave it to the musicians for the afterparty to see what you can make...
  12. Vantagepoint34

    Megan Fox and MGK

    Well good news. Last girl in my earlier posts' having to do with my ex-Gf releasing a movie. Happens to be Megan Fox. Like Gambino situation when it shows up. Posters up in a rage. Hey if the rapper has a five year plan. Small world...
  13. Vantagepoint34

    father's side-effect from covid-vaccine

    I have some interesting data how the rest of the country had these things produced. 2015 California had a law approved against bible believers. So with a mandatory law in 2015 is possible how the rest of the country was negatively impacted. To get this force the rest of the country to follow...
  14. Vantagepoint34

    I need help.

    A lot of miss information from our local so suavers. Look you went with your gut feeling. You screened her and now she's gone. I'll tell you something in the local drugstore the manager plays some cruel jokes on customers. Expecting the opposite sex to fall for the deal and accomplish a sale...
  15. Vantagepoint34

    My advice to a lot of you

    Neanderthals. Resembling former Yugoslavia with thinking based on women in 60's actually thinking over clothes. Women for just sex leaves nothing more than ash... No women on the poker table is better over war stories. My two cents