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Recent content by user252009

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    Most women are boring

    Is that all you want in a relationship, no need for some common interests etc.? To me it seems kind of empty tbh
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    How to move up from a 5/6?

    I'd say 7, still have some fat to lose and can build some muscle, getting back into the routine or more lifting now, my weakness is my sweet tooth
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    How to move up from a 5/6?

    Well, personality's importance is going up as I'm mid-30's, but of course I still want an attractive girl. I've always been able to get decent women and I look equal or even a bit better than how I used to, but it seems to be getting harder to get women to even go out for a drink. 7/8 and up...
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    How to move up from a 5/6?

    I'm dating a girl for 2 months that's a 5 (in looks) / 8 (in personality), but I'm not super attracted to her - I'm dating her as I have no other (read: better) options right now. What would be a good next step? OLD I'm not getting any attention or date chances, and I never did in person...
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    Most women are boring

    Getting back to this as the girl I'm currently dating really has no interests other than cooking...While it's nice to do that and bang, I can't really talk to her about anything else as the conversation just won't progress anywhere if I talk about my interests. So when we spent a weekend...
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    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    In the "he came on a little strong" world
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    Text to Sex

    Tinder, but replies are seldom or rare..nothing new
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    Does Anyone Here Still play Video Games

    Yeah, sometimes, I'll be building a PC some time soon, recently been playing Hitman 2, Battlefield V and so
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    Steadily disappointed by the content/posts on here.

    I don't know who you are, but have fun
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    How to EASILY Join the Top 30% in Looks

    Not necessarily, also depends on where you live. If you like in the US, that'll work. If you live in the Netherlands, it won't, because everyone there is tall and slim.
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    A womans life is determined by Chad

    THIS. Fvcking THIS.
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    Most women are boring

    So, what I'm coming to realise is after a lot of interactions with women, dating etc., is that vast majority of women are boring. They have no big goals or passions in their life, no real hobbies (just look at your average woman's Tinder profile), and are usually pretty dull to talk to as well -...
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    Girls giving out Instagram

    I've seen that several times. Keeping FB for family and real friends, and IG for orbiters, very common methinks
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    Girls giving out Instagram

    Maybe she has a dude that she chats over on FB mostly so she channels the potential orbiters to IG