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Recent content by Tony T

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    Are males who buy sex disgusting?

    This POST reminds me of the time when i was driving a Cab on weekends. I would study all week and on Friday and Saturday nights...take out a CAB for money. AS a Cab driver, I picked up Hookers and Strippers all the time. Some of them were High priced Call Girls...but most of them Most were...
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    Woman Chopped off her husband's Penis

    She was charged with Aggravated Mayhem ? ? ? What the Hell is that ? ? Should be attempted Murder...! Biotch !
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    1st Date Plans Hb 9, Competition Is Hard

    uggh....you young guys! "Youth is wasted on the young." ~George Bernard Shaw Dummy...you haven't done anything Wrong...! Why are you being paranoid? You sound like some basket case from the Mental Ward. Get ahold of yourself....PLEASE! Go of the surfing date...i'll put money on it "this...
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    Woman Chopped off her husband's Penis

    Gotdayum! All that money he saved shacking up with her...he's now gonna be spending on a Penis Replacement. He should get the John Holmes Model (might as well go all the way). :)
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    Disappointing first date

    The correct answer is "never move for a kiss on the first date!" EXCEPTIONS: -she's giving you the "come and get it" eyes. -she's wearing the shortest mini-skirt you've seen since you got out of prison...(with No Panties On and she's drunk as Hell). -she's got a pierced tough, and is constantly...
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    I married a foreign chic, how is it going?

    That is incorrect Grammar! The correct diatribe should be "Straighten up, you Retard" (dude is obviously from NY)
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    When did you ruin your life?

    ^^ True Dat ! I thought i ruined my life after getting arrested a FEW TIMES. Just part of being a young man...and getting involved with the wrong people...and NOT THINKING RIGHT! Get your thinking Right! You are YOUNG..! ! ! Get into a positive frame of mind...and the your whole...
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    Got to love chicks from online dating sites

    Agreed. Let her make contact after her return. Meanwhile, start working more HB's. Using the online system, i think its fair to say you need to be working 5 at a time. What i mean by that is, conversing with 5 of more chicks whoa r willing to meet you. The others are just considered "in...
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    Chicks that want to "confirm" a date

    LOL...really man! Is this a business appointment?....Are we talking Money?.....You may not be able to make the date? I see...ok no problem. You may never see or hear from me again! (most likely never...) Have a Wonderful Life...! Ciao baby! REALLY....What the fvck good are these hoes...
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    I need some life advice.

    Get this book...and read it thoroughly. "Man...know thyself." http://www.amazon.com/New-Personality-Self-Portrait-Think-Work/dp/0553373935/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309233457&sr=8-1
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    Isn't this a classic ?

    My Hero! dude is the Best....LOL! (if only more guys had his attitude). Great Post!...Thanks!
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    Chicks that want to "confirm" a date

    I guess that's one way to play it...but not for me. Chicks who flake are worthless...and that never changes. Never make a date with a Flake...EVER! The chances of you tappin that arse are 10k to 1. IF you teach her some respect...she MAY come around. I've done the above...only worse...and...
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    Chicks that want to "confirm" a date

    I'm wid JS on this one. Chick's pull this chit all the time...and you're giving them the control. Don't do that. Retract the offer. HER: yeah...but can we confirm it on Wensday around 6 pm? YOU: Huh...why do you want to confirm it? HER: wELL...i have a friend i kinda told her i would...
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    Are you Dating someone Else ? ? ?

    LOL...yeah Right! (makes a grimace) continued conversation below. CLAIRE: "Well...you can consider me Gone Mr.Playboy. I'm not gonna be another notch on your list of hoe's!" BENDER: "Ok...but you'll have to make it up to me when you come crawling back." CLAIRE: "Don't hold your...
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    Are you Dating someone Else ? ? ?

    I'm seeing 2 chicks right now...one is a HB-8 and the other HB-7. I've been hangin with one of them a little more than the other...as HB-8 is a stewardess and travels quite a bit....sometimes difficult to get with her. Anyway, the Stewardess asked me this question: "are you dating anyone else?"...