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Recent content by Thoroughbred

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    Being tall isn't always good

    This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever read in this board. It makes no sense whatsoever.
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    men should not chase women

    I agree PS... so you think must also think persistence is good?
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    Haha. Paranoid, are you saying you only believe sex is for procreation? If anyone has a problem with masturbation you also have to have a problem with sex.
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    deeloo are you Dekka's ***** or something? You seem to be sharing the same mind. You shouldn't even compare it to cigarette smoking... that is probably one of the most addicting drugs. If you believe masturbation is an addiction than you have to believe sex is an addiction as well. So...
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    Dekka you are not making sense now, you said you do need to masturbate and that you don't need to LOL. And you said sex is the normal way to have a release... like masturbation is not normal. I am willing to be that you are not even comfortable with sexuality since you don't consider...
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    Excuse me? An addiction and having to do something on a regular basis is not the same thing jackass. That is like saying I'm an alcoholic because I have a habit of drinking 2 or 3 times a week. And, I never said it is required for someone to masturbate.
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    Dekka, so you honestly believe that a lot of men are addicted to masturbation? Were are you getting this idea? I've studied a lot of psychology, and never have I heard or found it to be this huge problem you think it is. There are a lot of other addictions that are very common and this one...
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    It happens to a lot of people. If you don't get release for a while, you will start feeling very horny. What I said about the sex organs is true. I learned it in a class, the more sex you have the 'stronger' your genitals become. The drug comparison was just bad. Meditation increases...
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    -=Why You Should Stop Masturbating=-

    Saying you shouldn't masturbate is one thing( even though is healthy), but to compare it to drug abuse and addiction is ridiculous! I would say that there aren't too many people that have a real problem with jerking off, only a few might. The ONLY thing I agree with is that less...
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    Getting involved with a married woman, big mistake? (Vent)

    Hey, are you still a virgin Drex?
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    Need help getting this HB9 athletic volleyball chick..[with PIC!!]

    thick football player's neck LOL. Really though, she is probably 5 material.
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    Need help getting this HB9 athletic volleyball chick..[with PIC!!]

    I don't know how you can call that a 9 LOL. And, it doesn't matter if she is photogenic or not, I can tell she would not be a 9 in real life.
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    Reality Check requested: paying on dates

    All I have to say is this- even the biggest golddiggers will date guys and pay for them if they really like the guys. So, if someone says that the guy should always pay you are wrong. Maybe if you are ugly and old, then yeah.
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    How do you deal with rich, spoiled girls ?

    I think some of you fail to realize something. If they are spoiled and rich, most probably they are also very stuck up. It is kind of a hassle to deal with a really stuck up girl. I've met a lot of these types, with a lot of money. I don't think it is as easy as trying to bring yourself...
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    Valentine's Day: I Am In Total Shock...

    If this is true, she has probably done this with ohter men. I definitely would think she is pretty strange and I wouldn't feel flattered at all, considering she doesn't even know you that well.