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Recent content by thinker

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    What is one of the greatest lessons you've learnt so far?

    Your most important relationship is with yourself and your greatest journey and adventure will be discovering the man you can be. If these two areas are being taken care of everything else will fall into place.
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    As I Get older

    @jaymbrs it's part of maturing. As I got older my time became way more valuable than it used to be. If a person was difficult or a waste of my time in anyway or form I would just drop them. If a woman was playing too hard to get I would next her and move on, I always had better things to do...
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    Being outside today

    I have posted here many times about the need for guys to get out into the real world and interact with other people. Way too many guys are isolating themselves into not being able to communicate in real life. @corrector you don't have to be a chad to get cashiers, if you look average or even a...
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    How would you improve national security?

    @samspade I agree with you on some things but I think borders are very important for national defense. I would also add being as self sufficient as we could be both as a country and individual citizens. I am talking about energy , manufacturing, agriculture and anything else we would need. We...
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    So Naked Yoga is allowed now...gynocrazy

    like the saying goes hard times make strong men strong men make good times good times make weak men weak men bring about hard times we are at the end of the cycle, the next 10 to 20 years are going to be very hard, we will see how all the "stunning and brave" women react to this new reality. I...
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    "Experts" say we will never return to normal.... pre-COVID society is gone forever....

    Where I live people are tired of the china virus bvllshiit already, even Biden supporters have had enough and we (Florida) weren't one of the states that had hardcore lockdowns. Eventually this was going to run its course. I doubt people are going to continue all of this unsustainable craap. All...
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    Do women like men with tattoos? (video)

    @Black Widow Void damn that guy is definately mullet maxing, as for the mullet craze I alos just couldn't get into it. Good for you to not go with something you found stupid just because the crowd thought it was cool. Guys are always talking about what is alfa and masculine, doing things just to...
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    Man embezzles 250K£ to fund Only Fans obsession

    I honestly can't get mad at the women who do this, if these retarded losers want to throw away their money , lives and reputations for this crap then I don't have a problem with it. In the end we are responsible for our decisions in life. I still can't get how these guys don't put this money...
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    Man Protect Land. Woman Welcome Refugees.

    As I have posted before my family and I are almost completely immigrants. Having said that I am not for illegal or uncontrolled immigration. Studies have shown that the "immigrants" that the political and corporate class want to bring into these countries in mass are a huge net negative on these...
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    Mia Khalifa...cries for being used in xxx movies but now gets to....

    @Georgepithyou they are already in the worst prison of all, the prison of the mind. I read things online like guys spending thousands of dollars on only fans and ask myself don't these idiots realize that if they put that money towards escorts they could actually get laid? The reason these guys...
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    Manletethniccel dies from leg-lengthening

    According to the article he was 5'7" and from the pictures I saw he didn't look bad. He was probably socially awkward and submissive. He was also skinny and needed to build muscle. These guys just don't get it, they are looking from the outside in when they should focus themselves from the...
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    What's the best compliment you got from a woman?

    Oh my god your diick feels amazing! After sex " you are a bastard".
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    Is intelligence truly attractive?

    @Kitttydiet88 Most people that say intelligence is important are insanely full of ****. Having said that it is important in a relationship prospect but for a one night stand or a friends with benefits situation not important. I value intelligence but she still has to reach my attraction...
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    Is it really this easy for Chads in NYC using Tinder?

    @corrector according to the black pill I am too short to be a Chad, according to them the best I have been is a Chadlet. I am not one of those guys that says looks don't matter , yes they do. But if you cross a women's looks threshold which I have found is not as difficult to do as the black...
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    Is it really this easy for Chads in NYC using Tinder?

    There are guys like that, the top 10% I would say , but In NYC you also have a ton of competition for men. I don't know about now but before all these problems it was well known that there were a lot more women then men in NYC. On top of that a large segment of the male population in NYC is gay...