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Recent content by TheCharmingGuy

  1. TheCharmingGuy

    how to leverage your big penis to attract women

    However you do it… not with pics… the day I let a **** pic into my phone is the day I lose all respect for myself. Honestly I agree with some other members that advertising your size will only get you slvts. So if you’re desperate, sure.
  2. TheCharmingGuy

    Looking down her phone

    Count the number of things in your phone you wouldn’t want other people to see before judging her. You definitely have stuff in there that make you look like a weirdo. It is my strong belief that if a woman seems perfect, she’s either hiding a huge character flaw or she’s got a pen!s under there.
  3. TheCharmingGuy

    How to make a girl who doesn't like bjs blow me

    Don’t go down on her unless she will go down on you. If she’s not into you going down on her (although all women are) you can swap it for something else she enjoys more. You could also arrange a threesome. Seeing the other woman sucking your c0ck will encourage her to meet that standard.
  4. TheCharmingGuy

    Does this really work to seduce a woman?

    This is true for women you want to pick up at work or in your friend group who knows a little bit about you. But for cold approach, such as in a bar setting, your body language will matter much more for eliciting initial attraction. Strangers know nothing about you, so how much you have worked...
  5. TheCharmingGuy

    I created a Female Account on Tinder

    I think this is often overlooked and a good way of putting in words what none of us could say.
  6. TheCharmingGuy

    I created a Female Account on Tinder

    It’s partly because women scroll through less guys. Because they read the bios unlike the guys who make a decision within 3 seconds of seeing the photo. Not simping, just observing.
  7. TheCharmingGuy

    Will chin ups build biceps just as good as dumbbells would?

    To increase difficulty, always try adding weight or intensity instead of adding reps. More reps will not accomplish that much and you could be doing other things.
  8. TheCharmingGuy

    How to deal with insecure guys who try to AMOG or insult/over compensate

    I have never needed to fight anyone. Words are better than punches, it’s harder for them to maintain frame when you knock them down verbally, or don’t engage at all.
  9. TheCharmingGuy

    My hopeless friend

    So I have this friend (let’s call him Jerry) and we’ve known each other for a few years. He’s always been pretty hopeless with women, and I’ve gotten a female perspective on this from one of my own dates, who agreed that he was bad at talking to women. I have tried to give him advice, and he...
  10. TheCharmingGuy

    Will chin ups build biceps just as good as dumbbells would?

    OP’s question was which exercise will build your biceps better. Curls are more targeted so the answer is curls. Period. Chin-ups are a slightly more compound workout and hit multiple muscle groups. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with doing both.
  11. TheCharmingGuy

    Gym 7 Days a Week Has Made Me A Better Man

    You should be lifting 3-5 days a week to maximize your gains. 7 days a week will only exhaust your muscles, especially if you are doing the same thing every day. You can dm me if you would like help with a more specific day-by-day plan. I was a personal trainer for many years, don’t be afraid to...
  12. TheCharmingGuy

    Will chin ups build biceps just as good as dumbbells would?

    Dumbbell curls are the staple bicep exercise for a reason. They are the most effective way to train and strengthen biceps. Period. Also, you can increase the weight. Chin-ups are closer to an endurance test because the rep is longer.
  13. TheCharmingGuy

    Simple workouts recommendations

    Do you have dumbbells? One set is an entire workout.
  14. TheCharmingGuy

    The Guide to Dating a BBW

    I think it’s perfectly okay that large women can think themselves beautiful. But it’s ridiculous that they try to get us to think they’re beautiful as well. The point is, I could start a small penis lives matter movement where all women had to accept small-packaged men or be shamed by the...