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Recent content by The Professor

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    Turning a shy girl into a plate ?

    I met a woman who has expressed significant interest in me, but she says she is very shy and seems intimidated by me, given my SMV. Any advice or thoughts on how to continue to move this along so I can turn her into a plate?
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    Women that are intimidated ?

    Any thoughts on how to compliance the test her ?
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    Women that are intimidated ?

    Has anyone ever had a woman who expresses interest but seems intimidated by your S.M.V? If so, what was your experience like and what did you do?
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    From blue to red pill?

    What do you think about 2pac’s before and after perspective on women? Did he go from blue to red pill? https://youtube.com/shorts/GJNx95YmnrE?feature=share
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    Gynocentric social order play out in your workplace?

    How have you seen the gynocentric social order play out in your workplace?
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    How many chicks have you slept with?

    30. Mix of LTRs, college women hot for professor, and other fun stories. I enjoy the ethnic mix as well!
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    Women’s SMV The glow down!

    An interesting example of the decline of women’s SMV. Here is the article. https://dailysquared.com/glow-down-challenge?utm_source=eijsden&utm_medium=disneyfunfriendsss&utm_campaign=9664
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    Ignore her?

    What do you think about ignoring your girlfriends text and calls if she has been rude or disrespectful? Is it effective?
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    Sex with another woman while girlfriend watches?

    Yes. I am realizing that this is what it is for her. She asked to watch a video I made with another woman and she got off on it.
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    Sex with another woman while girlfriend watches?

    thanks . You may be onto something. In will admit I started to slip into some blue pill behaviors but adjusted as soon as I realized it. Part of me would like to think it can help reset the frame. Hypergamy , her seeing other women desire me etc.
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    Sex with another woman while girlfriend watches?

    My girlfriend wants to watch me have sex with another woman. I have someone from my past that is willingly to let me **** her while my girl watches. She is really hot and young. My girl says it turns her on and is something that she had been wanting. However, I once read to give a woman what she...
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    No contact

    How long should you do no contact rule with an ex?
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    Top 3 books?

    What would you consider to be the top 3 Red Pill and top 3 PUA books ?
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    Would you **** a porn star ?

    Would you **** a porn star if you had a chance ? Why or why not ?