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    Looking for a wingman - Vancouver, BC

    So i’m a 23 year old university guy looking for a chill wingman who can make approaching/dating fun and not as stressful as I think it is. I don’t have a lot of experience with women (only 2 dates under my belt). Anyone who is open minded hit me up!
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    Need after date feedback

    Yes i’m reading that, that is what pushed me to go on a date for the first time.
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    Need after date feedback

    You spend a lot of time at this forum dude.
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    Need after date feedback

    I knew I bored her, but I think I just needed some clarification. The stage I’m at, I’m not comfortable with making bold moves, I guess I’ll learn that with regrets and experience.
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    Need after date feedback

    Hello fellas first time posting here. Little bit about me: I’m a 23 year old university student. I’ve only talked to 1 girl on a regular basis during high school (who friend-zoned me). Needless to say we don’t talk much now. So I don’t have much experience with women. I’m introverted and anxious...