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Recent content by tapout632

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    Love Sick Help!!!

    What was so special about her? This is unhealthy for you to be like this.
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    don't understand my girl...

    I was with her for 4 years and I just 'put up' with her being fat and I didn't care because at the time I liked her for who she was and I didn't care about looks. Girls wanted to be with me because of my looks and I just figured I would give her a chance who liked me for who I was. 4 years...
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    don't understand my girl...

    yea thats what im sayin but the thing is when that opportunity does come when I'm talkiing to another girl, she goes ballistic. Like today I tel her "Put yourself in my shoes what if a girl hugged me?" and she's like ''i know! i didnt even want him to hug me ok stop saying that!"
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    Ugly/fat guys w/ game.

    Girls don't normally go for looks in a guy, they go for personality and everything. Here is a pretty hot girls MySpace and she explains "QUALIFICATIONS IN A MAN" it's quite interesting and shows not all girls go for looks...
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    don't understand my girl...

    Whenever she gets hugs from guys and **** like when we were at a dealership and lookin at cars she got a hug from the dealer guy and all I really don't care and I don't feel threatened cause I know I'm better then the guy and I'm the one going home with my girl. On the other hand, whenever I...
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    Whats a great response for...

    That's what I'm talking about. Good one and just what I was looking for, thank you.
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    Whats a great response for...

    If a girl gives you the "Lets just be friends" or "We're better off just friends" me the kinda guy I am, I don't wanna be "just friends" with a girl so I want to know what to say in preperation if it does happen. For example, I was thinking, if a girls like "I think we're better off as friends"...
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    Check my body language

    LMAO!!! Good lord... For one, Take your hands out of the pockets! You look like some goth in that oufit. How much do you weigh? Because you do look pretty boney....
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    Social Status in College

    I personally despise "frat boys" they're all immature alcoholics who think it's cool and dont really get women they just get sluts. whatever floats your boat though.
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    It's like I'm giving her an interview! Help!

    Okay after speaking to a girl I will just close the conversation with "I would love to get to know you better, so give me your number so we can get together in the near future" sounds good and she probably would give the number up. Would it be better to say "So GIVE me your number" or "How...
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    It's like I'm giving her an interview! Help!

    I spotted a hot babe at the mall outside and I approached here, here is how it went: Me: Hello <Hello> Me: How are you doing today? <im doing good how are you> Me: Can I ask you a crazy question? Me: What's your name is my first crazy question <Allison> Me: Allison? I'm Kyle, nice to...
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    Advice for cold "message"...on the internet?

    that's a bit AFC.. a lot of guys probably have messaged that girl with a "what's up" or something. be different maybe that will attract her more to you then just a 'whats up'
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    How does a DJ respond to a turn down

    I know but I don't want to fvck up and sound like an AFC. Just want to be sure that it's good.
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    How does a DJ respond to a turn down

    Yeah I just got turned down by a girl via e-mail she thinks she's hot sh!t and I'm not sure how to respond...I want to respond in a way to make like I don't give a fck and she's missing out, you know how a true alpha male.. What would be the perfect response? Hell maybe after this response she...
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    lol my boss trynna hit my girlfriend, but we a secret

    How does your boss know your girlfriend? Does she also work there?