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    eHarmony profile.

    H Roberts, you're 35, like me, so eHarmony is probably a good avenue to add to your dating profile. I also use, which isn't a dating site, but you have a better chance to use your DJ skills in making friends and dates. Don't put too much stock into eHarmony. They will send you...
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    Hottie I met Sat. night during our convo. says to me, "So, you wanna f*ck me"? Read.

    She's crazy. Be glad you didn't get her back to your place.
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    Having dinner later this week with a married ex g/f

    Anything happen since the last post?
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    Anyone try (Don't move to Anything Else)

    For interview practice, get the book, 101 Best Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions. I think it's by Ron Fry? You will blow your interview out of the water.
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    Another one bites the dust; I date 'em, the next guy marries them

    Str8up, What happened on the date?
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    Woman I've been sleepin with says....

    Your title is, "The girl I am sleeping with...". She wants to move from FB to girlfriend.
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    where'd my friends go ??

    This post really hits home. A dog is truely a man's best friend.
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    The Ultimate Kino Guide

    Holy $hit! I wrote this 5 years ago this month. It's had over 21,000 views and is the tenth most reviewed thread in the tips section. I hope it's help all past, present, and future DJ's as much as it has helped me.
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    Anyone try (Don't move to Anything Else)

    Never had any luck on Monster. Monster sucks. I've had much better luck with Career Builder. Also look in the local business journal. Scan the articles for new employers coming to town.
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    Another one bites the dust; I date 'em, the next guy marries them

    Str8up, I have had this happen to me as well. I have thought long and hard about it and have many ideas and theories, but when I try to write them out, I can’t consolidate my ideas. I think it is partly because the DJ rules allows a girl to project the kind of guy she wants us to be, onto...
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    being a " mature " man

    I so would. sparky0000, you obviously have not hit your thirties. Live a little and then come back to this forum.
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    Idea for older DJ's

    Orginally I suggest that we use the Anogram of ODJ in the beginning of the subject line to indicate that this post has content realitive to older DJ's. Well, a week later I tried looking up ODJ in the search engine and it is too short of a search string. So lets use "OLDER DJ: Your post...
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    Idea for older DJ's

    First off , half of you guys haven't even posted your age on your profile, which would help out tremendously on whose advice to listen to or disregard. Second, I totally agree that we need a 25+ and up forum. My life total changed when I hit 29. It just does. Can't say why, but I think that...
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    I am happier and do better when I am away from this site.

    I don't think that Sosuave is a curse. What you are experiencing is the higher end of the learning curve. SS is at the base of that learning curve and as you learn and understand the material here you gain confidence and lose the relevance to the posts and the posters. Also, every minute...
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    Masters Forum

    Comote, I agree there is a lot of ego stroking members here. I'm not suggesting a Masters Forum, but a search filter that searches for tread starters with posts over say 150.