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Recent content by syche871

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    stop caring, be sexual, results

    I have found anytime i try half stepping or asking questions instead of statements girls ignore me. When im direct, negging, being dismissive, sexual, disqualifying her she wants to prove herself more and more. It truly is a game and you need to pull the strings.
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    my journey to master don juan

    I will be posting in this thread talking about my progress, realizations, screenshots, epiphanies, and overall journey to mastering game. All advice and criticism is welcome.
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    How Many Of You Have Symptoms Of Covid?

    shorntess of breath but i think thats because of all the food ive been eating!
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    Do you notice women being generally hornier and coming at you with the Coronavirus situation?

    Lmao if I got it the last thing I’d be worried about is test and just get my ass fixed
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    Looking for wingman in Los Angeles

    Anyone in LA/
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    The nice guy eagle

    Saw this on my feed and its so sad. It reminds me of nice guys. Acting all tame and pathetic. Inside we all have an instinct to kill and fvck. While we cant kill other humans, we can kill our goals and dreams. Our potential. And fvck our brains out. And if we tap into our deep masculinity, girls...
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    I just think I found the Corona stock of the year

    Why is INO staying even? It was up 200% like two weeks ago now its barely worth ****.
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    The real alpha males are fighting the Coronavirus atm

    lmao shut up. You have no idea about their motives. they may be in that field because their parents told them to or by choice. Who knows. Stop virtue signaling and sit down
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    Confused as to what i should do with my life

    awesome story man. In college I attracted a lot of girls but was also insecure because i couldnt get certain girls. They seemed to like the degenerate types (not putting them down in any way but they were degenerate lol). I felt bad but looking back it was just because i wanted to prove myself...
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    Confused as to what i should do with my life

    i i already know what i want to do. How do i balance being successful while being a total fvck boy.
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    Confused as to what i should do with my life

    I have the confidence and patience to achieve millions. To have a ridiculous future. But I also want to bang tons of girls. The personality you need to have to bang a lot of hot girls and to achieve riches and success are completely different. One you need to be logical and mature. The other you...