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Recent content by Survivor

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    Sissy Boy

    I have another question for you, suki. Do you have any male friends? If so, ask them for help. If not, deal with that issue first before seeking any relationship with any woman. You need some mature, understanding, masculine men, who understand your plight and will mentor you, and help...
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    Girls from dating websites not that good looking

    Its nice to see this topic still popping up. Its an important one for mature single men. I think one of the biggest lures for internet dating is the anonymity. It eliminates the Fear of Public Embarrassment. You can send out e-flyers to forty or so women and get maybe two responses. Sure...
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    Mission: Help Luke Sywalker get laid before he turns 31!

    That was my point exactly! For the record there's nothing is wrong with being a 31 year old virgin by choice. But whether he admits it or not, he's using sex as a substitute for acceptance. Not good. I suspect that he wants to get laid, but his lifestyle choices are preventing him from...
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    Mission: Help Luke Sywalker get laid before he turns 31!

    I kinda figured someone would get sensitive about step 2. Look, if you don't have an issue with self-acceptance, so be it. But I assume you don't want to be a virgin for the rest of your life, right? You would'nt be on this site if you did. So if you do want to get laid on your own terms then...
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    Mission: Help Luke Sywalker get laid before he turns 31!

    Self-Acceptance is the missing component, Luke. I've seen alot of posters come and go over the years, but Luke is definately one of more interesting characters to come here. When I signed on to sosuave in July 2000, I was a 25 year old wuss who had had nothing but pity sex a whopping 2...
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    Why are the following people banned?

    I'm sorry you see it that way. Was PS some "great leader"? Of course not. But neither were other influential posters like Pook or AD. My point was that some of PS's post brought alot of value to the site, as did many of the other posters who got banned. He just went about it in a manner that...
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    Why are the following people banned?

    I don't know about the others that were banned, but I can give you some background history about Player_Supreme, as I was a mod back then. Little Known Fact #1: PS is partly responsible for the Mature Man Forum. He was one of the main (and most outspoken) proponents for a forum for older...
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    I'm still stuck in AFC mode. HELP!

    Hope this helps, bruh There is nothing beta about being a good father. Being a devoted father to your son is the most alpha thing you could ever do in your life. Yeah alot of women crave a$$holes. But I'll let you in on a secret. Some of them don't. Because you now have a son to...
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    The Only Time The Guy Has The Power Is When...

    Survivor, one of last DJ dinosaurs, checking in... Every now and them I come back to this site and there's always at least one thread that makes me chuckle...:rolleyes: But to answer your question, that statement is entirely wrong, and it has a defeatist perspective. Read the...
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    sex with prostitutes

    You are making a HUGE assumption, my friend.
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    sex with prostitutes

    Prostitution is not about sex. Its about desire. Its about a man paying a woman to make him feel desired. Can anyone answer this deep, deep question? Is there a dollar value that you can place on a woman's desire? Many men in our society are desireless.
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    Having female friends

    Having female friends is good. Having infactuations for females who aren't attracted to you,... NOT good. There is no middle ground. The "friend zone" does not exist.
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    NFL Thread

    I live in Dallas and as you can imagine, the story is all over the radio and internet. He denies ingesting 30+ prescribed pain pills. The police report states that the bottle was observed to be EMPTY. If I could ask T.O. one question it would be... "If you did'nt try to kill yourself, then...
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    Sosuave Memories!

    Here's a historical tidbit: On what popular thread did Anti-Dump make his final post? ...and no cheating....:nono: (Jeapardy music playing in the background)