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    When a woman looks at you, then looks at her phone

    A girl who’s focused on her phone and not at you .. equals low interest!
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    WTF? Are you scared of your own shadow? If a girl calls me daddy, she’s always welcome to come over for a spanking…
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    Pete Davidson proves that preselection is all you NEED

    To me, he’s a member of “The Addams Family” Its not his physical attributes that attract, it’s his verbal. He has the “gift of the gab“ Girls want men that are entertaining, funny and make them laugh. He brings it….
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    Women can turn sexual tension on and off

    Your 24. When I was your age, I used to get a boner from a light breeze. Your testosterone is at its peak.. But like all hormones, they will drop from highs at times and you may not be feeling it until later. Control the impulse and read the many good threads on here to maintain frame to slay...
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    They always come back around

    It’s called Breadcrumbs to see if you’re still orbiting. Good job and keep distancing. If she decides to throat your cucumber, then you can reevaluate.
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    I Just Deactivated My Profile from that Godforsaken Place known as LOVESHACK

    And yet you weren’t going to post here anymore. Just another reason why I like this site. . Obviously boundaries have to be maintained, but this remains a great open source for opinions with some entertainment sprinkled in. F’ em and keep bringing it here girl. Z snap!
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    No.. vaping can NOT "deliver toxic metals like nickel and lead into your lungs." (No, that's not metal *long pause* in your lungs)

    Yes, some smoking products are worse than others but at the end of the day, your lungs is not a filter. Don’t smoke or vape.
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    Phone vs face to face

    “Too Much Mind” ”No Mind”
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    Is the trans agenda a threat to civilization?

    Yes, and leftist indoctrination likes to cherry pick science. Its all about the science for climate change fanatics but biology? Not so much…
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    Does living in colder places become harder as we get older?

    Worse when it’s starts becoming harder to get out of bed.
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    And here you go. Better looking dude gets rejected after proposing @ McDonalds

    I’m sure proposing at a McDonald’s - the chapel for the obese had nothing to do with it.
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    She was lying about a dude, hard next?

    After reading a couple of posts, 6 weeks is not a relationship! You’re still in courtship - not a court that entitles you to full disclosure.. Perhaps she lied - perhaps she didn’t want to scare you off. Its called making an assumption. Who the F knows - nor should it rattle you. No need to...
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    harridan: I’m 56 years old. Damn straight I’m wearing a bikini this summer.

    Extreme thirst from men don’t stop with women in there 30’s or 40’s…
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    Girl Proximity Approaches, It Goes Nowhere!

    You may had the bait but not the hook. Your response was generic and something that is probably said to her several times. “Having fun?” “No” “Then let’s get out of here” Something to that effect. Perhaps she’ll still blow you off, but you have to be creative and different from the crowd -...
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    She was lying about a dude, hard next?

    Its only been 6 weeks. So they were in a previous relationship - big deal. Just plate her. This other guy is clearly orbiting after her “let’s just be friends” speech. He’s weak so be the bigger man. Your strength and holding frame will spread her goal posts.