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  • I hold myself accountable for my actions.

    I hold myself accountable for my thoughts.

    I hold myself accountable for my energy.

    And, I hold myself accountable for anything that shows up in my life because I created it with action, thought, and energy.

    By being accountable for everything, I have the power to change that which I do not desire.
    Here is one wavelength: Sexy and confident women are attracted to confident yet humble and laid back men. These two types always find each other through serendipity.
    It is only AFTER you've created a fun and sexual vibe will a woman be interested in the rest of you. Don't try to do it backwards by trying to be interesting hoping it will lead to a fun and sexual vibe. Women don't have the attention span for that. Sexual attraction comes first before connection.
    You can't control how people receive your message, you can only control how well it was delivered. If it was delivered with honesty and compassion, then that's the best you could have done. Their negative reaction is their own projection.
    Forget all tactics. Escalate on instinctual gut feeling. When your gut tells you to do it, do it. If you don’t, you will regret for the rest of your life. This is the true meaning behind “rejection is better than regret.” Rejection is not always better, except when your entire being tells you to go for it.
    A good indicator of success is when people hate on you. It means you are doing something right. So keep going. Don’t let the haters stop you. The world has a crab mentality that tries to pull down transcendent beings.
    Having infinite abundance with women is simple. Be the “once in a lifetime” guy. Elevate yourself. Don’t be a pathetic lingerer like all of these sad puas in the forum. Women have one chance with me. Any ugly behavior and I ghost. This mindset will correct all of your needy and desperate behavior and put you into the same wavelength with beautiful women.
    The most masculine quality is total selflessness. But selflessness derived from total completeness- where you can no longer attain anymore. The most dominant frame gives. It’s the ultimate demonstration of strength. In a sense, the king serves.
    Some say "be who you are" is authentic." I say "be who you want to be" is also authentic. You are projecting your future 10/10 self to the world. It's not faking it. It's more like "stepping up" to it.
    In an attempt to go to the moon, the monkey decided to build a rocket ship. But first the monkey had to evolve into an intelligent human. Suddenly the monkey realized just how daunting it was to get to the moon. That’s the distance between a pua and a natural. The monkey and the moon.
    Confidence and humility looks so different from normal everyday human behavior that he will walk right past you. Up is down and down is up. In a social environment the creme (optimal frame)always rises to the top.
    There once was a monkey that wanted to go to the moon. One day he saw the moon and jumped at it - only to drown. The monkey only saw the moon's reflection in the river. Before it drowned, the monkey looked up and saw just how far away the moon really was. That's the distance between a PUA and a natural. The monkey and the moon.
    It is not the game but the frame behind the game that produces results. Most guys approach women from a frame of lower status and thus they produce rejections. My frame is I am the source of validation and I make women feel appreciated just to be in my presence. And from this frame I can do whatever I want. There are no rules that applies to the source.
    Reason exists solely for those who need to cling on to it for survival. But life is unreasonable. It exists at the edge of reason.
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