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  • I just got 2 negative tests in a row after testing positive for Covid 6 weeks ago. And I didn't take any medication. Believe in yourselves gentlemen. Nothing is above your paygrade. To me, overcoming Covid was just an act of redemption. Redemption is the most beautiful masculine emotion. When overwhelmed, just know that God gives the most difficult trials to the strongest.
    And God gives the most trials to the most feminine women too
    A man must always accumulate assets/resources. Social environments with women in it are assets/resources. Cold approaching is like playing the lottery. In finance, the more assets you have, the less you have to play the lottery.
    Word of the day is "final form." Despite forgetting more game than most people will ever learn across 10 life times, I don't even believe that being a master of game is my final form. I think it's 75% me. I envision my final form to be more than petty romance. Focus on your final form and evolve towards it. Don't be afraid to transcend your current mindset. The final form you ultimately benefits your environment.
    Now is a time for all the “awake” people to stay awake. Don’t believe you are a victim. The world is trying to do a frame grab and fool you into believing you are one. Thats why everyone’s immune systems and vibrations are lowering. If you don’t come out of this shutdown with a new skill, more knowledge, new side business, or more internal dominance, then what you lack is discipline and frame, not time.
    There is only one purpose in life. And you’ve always known it in your heart of hearts. And you might have forgotten it from time to time. But in the moment of your greatest realization, you are reminded once again...that the purpose and meaning of life......is to be Epic.
    The entire "game" is a woman's attraction for you vs her anti-slvt defense (cognitive dissonance where her body says yes and her mind says no). If you aren't tripping up women's ASD's, then you aren't dominant enough to even be in the game. You are a spectator. So work on your dominance until every woman feels uncomfortable around you. Until you see cognitive dissonance everywhere you go.
    Okay so my last post tooted my horn. The lesson is....you cannot control how life will show up. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT you can show up with your winning attitude.

    Anyone who has ever won anything knows that the battle is in your attitude.
    I hold myself accountable for my actions.

    I hold myself accountable for my thoughts.

    I hold myself accountable for my energy.

    And, I hold myself accountable for anything that shows up in my life because I created it with action, thought, and energy.

    By being accountable for everything, I have the power to change that which I do not desire.
    Here is one wavelength: Sexy and confident women are attracted to confident yet humble and laid back men. These two types always find each other through serendipity.
    It is only AFTER you've created a fun and sexual vibe will a woman be interested in the rest of you. Don't try to do it backwards by trying to be interesting hoping it will lead to a fun and sexual vibe. Women don't have the attention span for that. Sexual attraction comes first before connection.
    You can't control how people receive your message, you can only control how well it was delivered. If it was delivered with honesty and compassion, then that's the best you could have done. Their negative reaction is their own projection.
    Forget all tactics. Escalate on instinctual gut feeling. When your gut tells you to do it, do it. If you don’t, you will regret for the rest of your life. This is the true meaning behind “rejection is better than regret.” Rejection is not always better, except when your entire being tells you to go for it.
    Having infinite abundance with women is simple. Be the “once in a lifetime” guy. Elevate yourself. Don’t be a pathetic lingerer like all of these sad puas in the forum. Women have one chance with me. Any ugly behavior and I ghost. This mindset will correct all of your needy and desperate behavior and put you into the same wavelength with beautiful women.
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