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    The truth about chinese food

    Yeah! And you know what's even more awesome 'ooh tell us Stinky Boots' "They've made sauce out of whale's fins...****ing whale's fins.I couldn't even make noodles for 5 minutes before my chick politely says~Ooh my Stinky Winky(with a kiss on the forehead)maybe the kitchen's not for your...
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    ATTENTION HERE : i"m God

    I'm the ****ing terminator I'll be back...
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    The truth about chinese food

    Just call me Stinky Boots,not some hu... or xio.. nonsence. Great men and women of distinguished progressions have always been bugged by one question 'why do we ****ing love Chinese food' Well here is the truth to settle all you horny-corny questions: "They're ****ing awesome"
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    I feel like I'm at my wits end, anyone still have feelings for ex after a year?

    The sea is full 'and yet the fisherman cries for the little fish a shark ate
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    Decades of Experience All In One Post

    good stuff but... :rockon: great stuff,my boots are much less stinky...however I think u guys get sot of dehumanised after all that:wave: please realise its not there intention,they were 'born this way'.Otherwise,just joined and thought it would be great if someone replied.Above all...Where...